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Touch all-in-one help hospital registration problems

by:Toponetech     2020-05-24
As touching all-in-one application is increasingly wide, common in many places in life often can see it, has brought a lot of changes to our lives, also provide us with much convenient and efficient service and help, to improve our standard of living has a certain effect. Touch all-in-one PC is a recent didn't appear in the high-tech electronic touch products on the market, while also calculate a computer products, but in the process, hardware materials, but also meet the requirements of the software function will higher, integrates computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and other functions into an organic whole, can be widely used in shopping malls, schools, enterprises, hospitals, hotels, business hall, hall, bank and so on many domains. In the hospital, has long had a long plagued by hospital staff and patients to go to a doctor - — Registered! If it is a small city hospital good, as long as it is in a big city, because of the large population, almost every hospital register with difficult questions. While the application of touch all-in-one PC, to a certain extent, effectively alleviate the problem. Crown teck supply hospital touch all-in-one PC installed for the application of hospital professional custom software, touch screen display human body image is 360 degrees, which part experiencing discomfort or pain in patients with click on the image in the corresponding place, software will be through more detailed condition information let patients know which subjects should be hung. Patients, for example, clicking on the abdomen, the screen will appear 'hiccups, intestinal cramps, constipation, colic' and so on a variety of symptoms, and then click their symptoms, the screen will come up with should hang XX branch. By applying the crown teck hospital touch all-in-one PC, can improve the speed of register patient, reduce waiting in line, also reduce the burden of the medical staff. Medical shorter time will help ease the anxiety in patients with heart, improve patient compliance, also let staff get comfortable working environment. , according to the different methods of installation and put the crown teck supply hospital there are many styles to choose from: touch all-in-one wall, vertical, machine cabinet, etc. , unified the industrial-grade LED LCD gauge screen, A true infrared touch screen at 10 or 10 o 'clock capacitive touch screen, high configuration computer mainframe, relocation professional custom application software are used together, appearance fashion, the operation is simple, touch, responsive and efficient performance accurately. Crown teck electronic strength, mature technology, advanced equipment, management norms, the service is good, the supply of touch all-in-one PC products with high quality products and sincere service to win the market good evaluation of numerous users.
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