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Touch all-in-one flowers screen problem reason and solution

by:Toponetech     2020-07-06
Today, the application of touch all-in-one has gradually spread to many places in a wide range of industries, to our life and work has brought a lot of change, also brought us a lot of convenience. In the process of application, as touching all-in-one of electronic equipment, after a long time after use, some users occasionally screen flower screen problem. How to solve? Touch all-in-one PC manufacturers on the market at present is very much, have different brand, quality is good and bad are intermingled, hereby recommend crown teck electrons. Below, by crown teck electronic to explain touch all-in-one flowers screen problem reason and solution. 1, touching all-in-one card contact undesirable factors also can cause the phenomenon of flowers screen, so attention should be paid to the graphics card contact problem. 2, touch all-in-one if installed is not compatible graphics card driver can also lead to flower screen phenomenon, it is recommended to use video card driver provided by the manufacturer. 3, touch all-in-one PC resolution or refresh rate is set too high, can also cause flower screen phenomenon, so in use process should be according to the manufacturer to recommend the best resolution, refresh rate Settings, avoid flowers screen problem. 4, touching all-in-one video card can also lead to excessive overclocking factors produce flowers screen problem, such as excessive overclocking video card, there will be a irregular, continuous horizontal grain, first to reduce the frequency of memory, and properly reduce the phenomenon of super went by. 5, touching all-in-one causes of flower screen may be caused by the quality of the graphics card, so want to check the quality of the graphics card is in line with the standard, if sure is electromagnetic shielding functions of video card does not pass, graphics or homemade screen should be changed to solve the problem. Crown teck electronic here warn customers, purchasing touch all-in-one, never showed, select the product of some quality closes nevertheless, will only do more harm than good. Must choose to have the strength of big brand manufacturers touch all-in-one, quality assured, after-sale guaranteed.
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