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Touch All-in-one Computers

The Toponetech industrial touch all-in-one computers are fully enclosed and ruggedized touchscreen PCs with fanless cooling systems. These units can be placed in a wide variety of environments thanks to being designed for use with wall mounts, desk stands, on swing arms, or for installation in control consoles. Each all-in-one computer utilizes rugged industrial components and a fanless cooling system to enhance performance.


The rugged design of Toponetech touch panel manufacturer’s industrial touch all-in-one computers enables them to perform reliably in harsh conditions with difficult environmental factors such as moisture, heat, dust, and cold. Depending on the needs of your operations, you can choose from either resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen options.

Fanless Reliability

Toponetech touch all-in-one computers include a unique thermal design for reliable fanless operation. Not only are these computer fanless, but they do not include ventilation holes. They are protected from dust and other airborne contamination that would otherwise enter the chassis, clog airways, coat components, and cause performance degradation or outright failure. Industrial touch all-in-one computers are the optimal solution for your dusty environment.Small batch hella gastropub glossier man bun biodiesel offal shaman cleanse

 Performance for Any Application

Toponetech all-in-one PCs are available with a variety of CPU options. Many factory automation applications require a reliable touchscreen HMI user interface for web-based software. For these applications, a Celeron CPU may be more than adequate. Other applications may require higher CPU performance such as a Core i3, i5, or even an i7 CPU for data processing or high performance graphics applications. Toponetech all-in-one computers offers you a full range of CPU options to cover the gamut of performance requirements.

Industrial Design

Toponetech all-in-one touchscreen computers are available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 10.1” to 24”. They include rugged die-cast aluminum fanless enclosures that are protected from dust and other contamination. When equipped with a solid-state drive, these industrial all in one computer can withstand high mechanical shock and vibration environments. These computers include an I/O cover that conceals the Ethernet, USB, COM, and other ports from damage from the elements and from tampering.

Rugged Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Toponetech touch panel manufacturer's industrial all in one computer include rugged multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreens. These screens offer a hardened glass substrate that is superior to a resistive touchscreen. The projected capacitive touchscreens are resistant to scratches and other damage that can render resistive touchscreens inoperable. Projected capacitive touchscreens are not only more rugged than resistive touchscreens, but they offer support for multiple touch points, enabling gesturing features such as pinch, zoom, and rotate. Compared to resistive touchscreens, projected capacitive touchscreens also offer a cleaner appearance and higher luminescence.

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