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Touch all-in-one application in different fields

by:Toponetech     2020-10-27
As touch era is very representative of the high-tech electronic touch product, touch all-in-one integrated with computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and other functions into an organic whole, have fashionable appearance, simple operation, powerful wait for a characteristic, in different industries in the field of application is gradually replace the previous traditional posters, light box advertising, projectors, digital signage, leaflets, banners, and so on tool, to our life brings a lot of changes and convenient. In real life and work, the application of touch all-in-one already very widely, according to different application environment and function demand, the touch all-in-one products can be divided into: teaching touch all-in-one, meeting touching all-in-one, touch inquiry machine, advertising machine, touch display, and so on many kinds of, each product in different areas of the application may play a different role. Below, with a touch of crown teck electronic supply all-in-one products as an example to introduce its application in different areas of work: 1, meeting touch all-in-one, solve the traditional projection display technology is not clear, the shortcomings of complicated operation, high maintenance cost, at the same time when using the meeting document can take advantage of the crown teck handwritten notation software directly, also can be directly in the document modification. Easy meeting and don't have to bring a laptop, keyboard, mouse. Gets 2, hospital, published some registered, hospitalization and other related information, and medicine, formalities and procedures for the patient to watch and query, online can increase the interaction between patients and doctors, subject in line at the same time provide hospital, reduce the patients anxious mood. Advertising machine in 3, shopping malls, in this place's role is to help to guides, product launches, promotions, etc. , ascend in high-definition multimedia visual shock consumers purchase desire, also can realize online through the different function of products, orders, payment. 4, teaching touch all-in-one PC, same the principle of meeting and used in classroom teaching can make students more easily absorb the knowledge teaching and also has fully mobilize the classroom atmosphere. In the teaching building, canteen, dormitory, playground can provide safety education shows a query, ideological and moral education for the students. 5, government affairs interactive touch, provide many convenient measures for the people, such as street social security query, expressway service area for the convenience of service, passengers convenient service, personnel bureau, social security bureau, public security bureau, tax bureau and other interactive query service, etc. , all use crown teck hardware and software interaction. Although a lot of manufacturer brand on the market at present, but the crown teck electronic with solid strength, mature technology, advanced equipment, professional team, the supply of touch all-in-one PC products with comprehensive functions, quality, good after-sales is praised by different industries, by the vast number of customers a good evaluation.
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