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Toponetech 10.4 inch all in one touch screen computer pc windows xp

Toponetech 10.4 inch all in one touch screen computer pc windows xp


As an old saying goes, One’s glory comes from his or her honesty, and one’s gloria image results from accumulation of his or her morality. In the age of innovation, with science and technology as impetus, with responsibility for development, Top One Tech plans for cooperation and draws a new chapter of friendship.

The attached video is about a case that a South American client tested 10.4 inch all-in-one touch computer (support Windows XP operating system) successfully in the elevator project.

Unlike most of the small-sized all-in-one touch computers on the market, which support Android or Windows 7,8,9,10 operating systems, our 10.4 " all in one touch screen computer mainly supports Windows XP.

In early November of 2020, we provided 10.1" all in one touch screen computers which support Windows system to South American clients after they said that they wanted to purchase all in one touch screen computers. However, after practice, they found that the current popular motherboard display that supports Windows operating system could not support Windows XP operating system. After confirmation with customer, our company started inner test in factory as soon as possible, and we discovered that present motherboards which mainly supported Windows system did not support Windows XP system. The first reason was that the applicable industry of Windows XP operating system was relatively narrow, and it was not applied widely. The second reason, it cost high if this kind of motherboard was put into production. These two reasons explain why the prevalent motherboards that support the Windows operating system don't support the Windows XP version.


In order to meet customer’s requirement, after-sales department held a meeting. And at the end of December, 2020, our company set up a project team to research all-in-one touch computer which supports Windows XP operating system. Finally, our project team successfully developed a kind of all in one touch screen computer that met customer’s needs. At present, customers in South America have tested 10.4 inch all-in-one touch computers successfully in the elevator project and showed satisfaction in their feedback of the product's functional application.

In line with the principle of being responsible for every customer and every project, we try our best to solve problems for foreign customers and meet their needs. In the consistent insistence, we repeatedly demonstrate, create value, and play the strongest voice of scientific and technological innovation!



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