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Top One Tech: What is the installation method and application of Shenzhen 23-inch touch monitor?

Top One Tech: What is the installation method and application of Shenzhen 23-inch touch monitor?


The continuous development of modern technology has brought a lot of convenience to our daily life, and it has also greatly improved my work efficiency. Touch monitor is one of the modern technologies, and this device has been widely used in our lives. When we buy a 23-inch touch monitor, the installation is also a problem we should pay attention to. Different installation methods will have different places and effects. The following Top One Tech will introduce you to several installation methods of the 23-inch touch screen!

Under normal circumstances, when installing the touch display, a corresponding installation method is used according to the usage mode of the device. Generally, there are three main installation methods for this type of device.

1. Install the touch monitor on the wall.

This installation method is mainly aimed at application teaching and activity promotion. Teaching activities and activity promotion in enterprises and institutions often require professional explanations of relevant content, and after the touch display is installed on the wall, the equipment can be moved and pushed and pulled, which can well solve the needs of application teaching and activity promotion.

2. Install the touch monitor on the floor stand.

The main purpose of this type of installation method is to enable the equipment to be moved flexibly, but also to enable the equipment to be used in a reasonable place in the shortest possible time.

3. Embedded installation.

The embedded installation of the touch display is generally used for operation and application in the layout, and touch-type devices are often highly sensitive when displaying. Therefore, the main purpose of this installation method is to effectively protect the device. To a certain extent, the space is used reasonably and so on.

23 inch touch monitor installation method

Top One Tech Touch Monitor Applications:


1. Industrial field man-machine interface and industrial automation control with large electromagnetic interference, harsh environment and low power consumption;


2. Testing instruments, analytical instruments, experimental instruments, test instruments, non-destructive testing instruments;


3. Environmental monitoring, fire monitoring, fire alarm control, computer room monitoring, video real-time monitoring;


4. Financial terminals, financial transaction terminals, multimedia terminal equipment, ATM self-service terminals;


5. Ship control system;

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