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Top One Tech teaches you to deal with some common hardware problems of touch all-in-one computers

Top One Tech teaches you to deal with some common hardware problems of touch all-in-one computers


The touch all-in-one computer is different from ordinary computer products. Because of its harsh application environment, it requires a relatively high level of technology and high quality of raw materials. The requirements for the manufacturer's technology, strength, and after-sales are  also relatively high. When users choose a brand, they must choose a powerful big brand manufacturer for purchase.

The touch-integrated computer is mainly composed of a touch screen, a liquid crystal screen, a computer host and some other electronic components with software that meets the application requirements. In the process of application, problems that are more likely to occur are generally in hardware. So, let Top One Tech introduce to you the more common hardware problems and their solutions.

7" touch all-in-one PC

The sound of the fan when the touch computer is turned on is too loud

problem analysis:

1. The temperature-controlled fan will make a louder sound than usual when it is turned on;

2. Fan failure

7" touch all-in-one computer mechanical dimensions


1. When dealing with the loud sound of the CPU fan, if the user said that it was normal before, but now this happens, please explain to the user: affected by the use environment, the parts of the machine will inevitably get dusted with the increase of use time. The CPU fan is more noticeable. At startup, the fan runs at full speed, so the sound of the CPU fan will gradually increase as the usage time increases, which is normal.

2. If the sound of the CPU fan is always loud during use, we can consider to remove dust, add lubricating oil and replace the CPU fan for the CPU fan. These operations have high requirements on the user's operating ability. At this time, it is recommended that the user send it for repair station to operate.

3. Adding lubricating oil requires the use of computer-specific lubricating oil.


After using the touch all-in-one computer for a period of time, there is no signal display

problem analysis:

1. The connection is loose;

2. Hardware failure: The display prompts no signal, and the possibility of display failure is low;


1. Check whether the signal lines of the display and the host are loose;

2. If you have a certain operating ability, open the case, re-plug the graphics card and test the memory;

3. If the above method test is invalid, it may because ofhardware failure, we advise you to replace the hardware.

Top One Tech is a professional touch all-in-one computer manufacturer with a history of more than 10 years. It has strong strength, mature technology, professional team and in-place service, and has won high praise from consumers.

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