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Top One Tech related high-end LCD technologies such as IPS, highlight, full lamination(optical bonding), PCAP, industrial touch, etc.

Top One Tech related high-end LCD technologies such as IPS, highlight, full lamination(optical bonding), PCAP, industrial touch, etc.


Today, we would like to introduce some of our high-end LCD technologies from Top One Tech - IPS, high brightness, full lamination technology, capacitive touch screen for industrial use. Here is some information about high-end display technology that we use in many LCD modules.

21.5" custom display

Why choose IPS?

Different from the TN technology used in traditional panels, the TN panel will have a grayscale flip phenomenon at certain angles, resulting in color changes, and it is impossible to accurately see the content on the display. But the IPS panel guarantees perfect viewing of the contents of the display from all angles. This full-view IPS LCD panel has been widely used. Among Top One Tech's products, touch monitors and touch all-in-one computers are all such panels.

Why choose highlighting?

We live in a bright, colorful modern world. How the content is presented on the display really matters. No one wants to look at dull, gray images. That's why our high-brightness LCD screen has 1000cd/m2, allowing you to see clear images even outdoors. High brightness is the key to being able to see the screen clearly outdoors, choose Top One Tech and you have a standard high brightness touch LCD screen!

Full fit!

Full lamination technology is the process of attaching the trackpad (or just the protective glass) to the display using a liquid adhesive, gel. In general, this process can improve the optical performance of the module, as well as durability and reliability.

If you want to ensure that your display has stronger optical performance and excellent durability, you should choose our high-brightness IPS touch display and full lamination. The products combined with these technologies have this very competitive advantage and product performance.

You may not understand why full lamination can improve the optical performance of touch displays, but it is mainly because the full lamination process uses an optical grade adhesive to stick the glass to the top surface of the display. It eliminates the air gap between the touch screen and display. When eliminating the air gap, we reduce the number of internal reflective surfaces, thereby increasing the optical performance of the LCD screen. This phenomenon improves readability by reducing reflections and correcting contrast.

Full Lamination Technology for Touch Display.

Why use an industrial capacitive touch screen?

10.1 inch touch screen

We have a channel for industrial capacitive screen controllers and experienced engineers to debug the effect of touch, and the touch screen can work with water or gloves. We can easily adapt touch functionality to each device. Thanks to the use of a high-end capacitive screen controller, our industrial touch displays can meet the vast majority of industrial and medical requirements.

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