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Top One Tech: Electricity curtailment measures are being implemented, and we are doing our best to complete order production and ensure export supply

Top One Tech: Electricity curtailment measures are being implemented, and we are doing our best to complete order production and ensure export supply


In September, the sudden electricity curtailment policy disrupted the normal production rhythm and caught many companies by surprise. In order to ensure production to the greatest extent, our factory has taken some emergency measures during the period of power curtailment. In addition to measures to reduce energy consumption such as shutting down air-conditioning in the office, workers are also arranged to go to work at night and rest during the day, staggering the peak power consumption to ensure production and quantity.

Why  there is a sudden power outage?" Many foreign trade partners who trade with us have raised questions. What happened to China's domestic power rationing this time? What impact will it have on foreign trade exports? Can the order continue? Please the article below, this will dispel your doubts.


Which industries and regions are affected in Mainland China?

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 16 provinces in China that have introduced different levels of electricity restriction measures, and most of them are manufacturing provinces. Especially for coastal cities, many representative cities in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Production-oriented enterprises have implemented the "stop 3 open 4" and "stop 2 open 5" notice.

Under the impact of the current curtailment, electricity, coal, steel, non-ferrous metals, and building materials have been greatly affected, and machinery, agricultural products, light industry, electrical equipment, home appliances, and automobiles are slightly impacted.


Why restrict electricity usage?

The first is recovery. After the outbreak of the pandemic in coastal provinces and cities, the economic recovery is strong, and the demand for electricity is growing rapidly, but the supply growth rate is insufficient;

Second, coal prices have risen sharply, coal supply is tight, thermal power companies are losing money, and power generation output is insufficient;

The third is our countrys 30·60 dual-carbon target (achieving carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060). Energy consumption is indispensable for stable economic growth, and the achievements of carbon peak and carbon neutrality need to save energy and reduce carbon.


What are the impacts of the curtailment?

For the domestic market, strict power restrictions have prevented factory shipments from coming out, affecting the stability of orders, reducing the volume of foreign trade exports, and triggering a drastic drop in shipping prices. Under a series of chain effects, due to the electricity curtailment order, the production capacity of some major foreign trade factories is only 50% of the capacity before the suspension.

Internationally, Chinas power cuts have profoundly affected the global economy. This is not only because China took the lead in overcoming the pandemic and became the only country in the world to resume normal production, but also because of the huge scale of manufacturing in China.

Top One Tech is an enterprise focusing on the production and sales of touch screens, touch monitors, and touch all-in-one computers, and its factory headquarters is also located in Guangdong Province. As a major manufacturing province in China and an important manufacturing base in the world, Guangdong ranks in the forefront of industrial power demand and load in the country. The current round of power rationing and production suspension have had a huge impact on enterprises related to the production and manufacture of touch displays.

What measures does Top One Tech have?


In order to reduce the impact of power curtailment on the company, Top One Tech adjusted the production lines of each plant based on the order volume and delivery deadlines, adjusted power consumption, and staggered driving.

1. Product production and delivery

1. We optimize the existing production methods for smart production. Reasonably organize production and operation by arranging equipment maintenance and optimizing process control2. Adopt specific performance strategy for the customer's large demonstration order and super large demonstration order

3. For customers who have placed orders, there is a unified production capacity allocation in the industry, and the production is carried out in areas with sufficient power curtailment.


Second, the supply of raw materials

3. For materials such as key ICs and LCD screens, forecast in advance to ensure the smooth delivery of goods from the original factory to the original

4. The general accessories (such as capacitors on the motherboard, search, product induction, etc. ) on the board, prepare a safety stock

5. Staggered production of high-energy-consuming accessories (chassis, shell and other structural parts)


Regarding the duration of the impact of the power curtailment, Top One Tech is currently actively communicating with the local power supply security department to seek other power supply solutions. Most of the touch screen manufacturers have not been greatly affected by the power curtailment measures, which proves that Shenzhen's power supply needs are temporarily guaranteed. As the most important display manufacturing base in the country and even the world, Shenzhen has a guaranteed production capacity. If you need a large number of orders, please don't worry, continue to contact Top One Tech, we will meet your order requirements.


Top One Tech raised expectations for the future


There is a long way to go to achieve carbon neutrality. For Top One Tech, we will deal with it from multiple aspects in combination with the country's policies and company development strategies.

First of all, Top One Tech will strengthen product research and development, invest more research and development funds, master new technologies, realize independent control of basic materials, reduce imports, and hold control in its own hands.

Second, gradually upgrade the large-scale equipment in the factory, increase production capacity, use clean energy, reduce emissions, and strengthen environmental protection. In this regard, Top One Tech has been committed to the assembly and production of touch screen modules such as motherboards and FPCs, and hopes that one day it can fully replace imported products. At present, Top One Tech's touch display series products, displays, new products and other materials have reached independent controllability.

If an enterprise wants to gain a firm foothold in the increasingly fierce market competition, it must implement a strategy of technological innovation, further seek benefits from science and technology, and enhance its ability to resist risks.

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