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Top One Tech Antibacterial touch screen monitor

Top One Tech Antibacterial touch screen monitor


In 2020, various industries around the world have been affected by the COVID-19, and some countries have also begun to experience variations in the epidemic. In order to make our customers safer and more assured when using our products,our factory has specially introduced an antibacterial touch screen display.

Following we will introduce our antibacterial touch screen monitor from four aspects: antibacterial principle, silver ion antibacterial advantages, antibacterial advantages, and application areas. The antibacterial principle of our product is to use the sol-gel coating technology to coat the film (the film is wear-resistant and harder than the hardness of the glass surface) to obtain a stable and high-quality film (Ag+, Cu+, Zn+ and other metal ion antibacterial layers) , And then the positively charged metal ions in the film will be firmly combined with the negatively charged bacteria to destroy cell enzymes and further kill the bacteria.

Silver ion antibacterial has the advantages of safety, broad-spectrum long-term effect, and no drug resistance.

Our touch monitor use ion replacement technology, which can achieve permanent antibacterial and can resist 99% of bacteria. Our glass is antibacterial glass with high visible light permeability.

touch screen monitor

Application areas include bank self-service terminals, logistics terminals, medical display equipment, and gaming industry.

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We can make antibacterial glass touch screens in both large and small sizes, which are synchronized with the size of our touch monitors. According to the current market situation, we will first launch 15-inch, 19-inch, 21.5-inch and 23-inch touch monitors. In the future, we will produce other sizes of antibacterial touch monitors in turn according to demand.

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