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toddler tech pros? 2-year-olds adept at touch screens

by:Toponetech     2020-04-13
Kim Kardashian has accused her recently. year-
Old daughter, North, post photos on Kardashian\'s Instagram account
But can young children really use touch screens?
A new small study suggests yes.
In this study, 91% of parents
Screen devices such as smartphones or tablets report that their young children are able to slide on these devices.
In addition, 50% of parents said their children were able to open the screen and 64% said their children were actively looking for touch
Screen features, according to research. [
It\'s incredible!
9 smart baby ability]
According to the study published today, in this study, the average age of young children who are able to complete these skills is 24 months (Dec. 21)
In the journal Children\'s Disease Archives
\"Children of 12 months old can use [touch-screen]
\"By 24 months, these devices have developed a range of skills that allow them to interact with touch screens purposefully,\" the researchers wrote . \".
In this study, the researchers investigated the parents of 82 children aged 1 to 3 years in a university hospital.
Questionnaires were distributed to parents about how their children use touch
Screen equipment, and frequency. Eighty-
Of the parents involved in the study, 2% had touch-
Screen devices, researchers found.
According to the study, 87% of people in this group reported that they had their children playing with these devices for a median of 15 minutes a day.
In addition, 72% of parents reported that their children were able to identify and use touch specifically
The researchers wrote that the median age of the screen app was 25 months. One-
The third parent reported that their child could swipe, unlock, look for features, and identify and use features before the median age of 29 months.
Effect of using touch
Earlier screen devices were still unknown, the researchers noted.
American Academy of Pediatrics in 2011
Affirm their guidelines and prevent the use of media by children under 2 years of age.
However, these guidelines are based on more
The researchers wrote that passive media forms, such as television, were written before the touch screen became as prevalent as it is now.
Researchers say there may be some benefits to the touch screen.
Interactive touch
In their study, the researchers wrote: \"The screen app provides a kind of contact with other forms of media that has never been experienced before, and is more similar to traditional games . \".
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