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Time has come for a touch: parsing the charm of electronic touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-07-10
High-tech electronics industry in recent years show that emerge in endlessly new product, there is a certain type of product has been in a state of high-profile, jobs also once predicted that time has come for a touch, so in the electronics industry has also become a wave of touch screen. Today let letter crown teck small three elements on the touch screen to do a comprehensive explanation. Point: transparent, it directly affect the touch screen visual consequences. Transparent transparent level problem, infrared technique touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen separated only a layer of pure glass, transparent are outstanding, the touch screen that is about to ponder what it, 'transparency', in the touch screen industry, is a very broad concept, we know that a lot of touch screen is multilayer composite membrane, summed up in a little transparent only its visual effect is not enough, it shall include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion degree, reflective and clear degree, could be more points, such as reflective level contains a mirror reflective diffraction reflective level, water temperature and we just touch screen surface reflective diffraction haven't reached the level of CDS, to the user, the four metrics based enough already. Point: from the technique principle standpoint, touch screen is a set of transparent positioning system, it must first ensure that are transparent, so it must through information technology to solve the problem of transparent, like a digitizer, wordpad, elevator switches, they are not touch screen; Secondly it is coordinate, finger touch which is which, don't need a action, unlike the mouse, is a set of relative positioning system, we can notice that the touch screen software don't need a cursor, a cursor instead affects the user's attention, because the cursor is used to relative positioning equipment, equipment to move to a place of relative positioning must first know where now, in which direction to go, every moment when also need to constantly to prevent the user feedback current status present deviation. These don't need for coordinate positioning of the touch-screen; Another possibility is that it can detect the touch of your fingers action and concluded that the fingers, all kinds of touch screen technique is 'detect finger touch' incense and ensemble sexuals. The third point: the touch screen is a coordinate system, which directly point to choose that, with the mouse the essence of the difference between this kind of relative positioning system is in place of feeling at a time. Coordinate system feature is every time has nothing to do with the last position coordinates positioning coordinates, touch screen in physics is a set of independent coordinate positioning system, every touch of data through the calibration data into screen coordinates, so that the coordinates, no matter in what circumstances will request touch screen, the same point of the output data is stable, if not solid, so the touch screen can't guarantee the coordinates, no, this is the touch screen to be afraid of problems: drift. Who cannot guarantee the same point on the technique principle of touch every sampling data of the same touch screen will drift to the problem. Today the development of technology basically will not appear this problem first. Therefore, from the market concept, touch screen completely meet the need not everyone will use the characteristics of learning, in the land of the touch area occupy the throne.
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