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Three factors that have the greatest impact on product quality in touch monitor production

Three factors that have the greatest impact on product quality in touch monitor production


The production process of the touch monitor is very complicated. If the standard production process is not carried out, it will cause the appearance or function of the produced touch display to be poor, thus affecting the performance of the touch monitor. In fact, there are many factors that affect the quality of touch monitors in the production process. Today, Shenzhen Top One Tech will introduce the three major factors that have the greatest impact on product quality in the production of monitors.

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Factor one, dust

1. The photoresist coating, exposure and other processes in the photolithography process are also strictly prohibited from dust. If dust falls on the glass mask, short circuits, open circuits, pinhole bubbles, etc. will appear during the development and etching processes.

2. The surface of the glass should not be contaminated with dust. If a relatively large dust or foreign matter falls, the graphics will not be displayed normally during the photolithography process, resulting in the product being scrapped and unable to continue to be used.

3. When applying the orientation layer, it is also necessary to prevent dust from falling into it, because the dust adheres to the coating, which will directly affect the orientation effect of the final product, resulting in defects.

4. If dust or sundries are adsorbed when forming a box or pouring liquid crystal, it will directly affect the electrical parameters of the product.

Factor two, temperature

1. Temperature control in the production process is also very important, because the temperature will directly affect the parameters of the entire production process.

2. If the temperature environment is not suitable, it will also cause chemical reactions such as decomposition and deterioration of the chemical reagents, which will make its chemical properties invalid and unable to function.

3. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the touch monitor production environment needs to be controlled at 22°C±3°C.

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Factor three, humidity

1. The humidity should not be too high during the production process. If the humidity is too high, it will directly affect the reliability of the product device, resulting in a decrease in the reliability performance, such as edge sealing glue, alignment agent, etc. cannot be used normally.

2. The humidity in the production process should not be too low. If the humidity is too low, the air will be very dry, which will lead to the generation of static electricity during the production process, which will cause physical discomfort to the operators.

3. Under normal circumstances, the humidity of the touch monitor production environment needs to be controlled at 55% ± 5%.

It can be seen that dust, temperature and humidity have a great impact on the quality of the touch monitor during the production process, so the production of the touch monitor must be carried out in a clean room. Before entering the clean room, employees need to follow the following steps:

1. Clean clothes dress code

The dust-free cap is naked in the dust-free suit, and the hair cannot be exposed; the mask needs to cover the nose and the nostrils cannot be exposed. The zipper of the dust-free clothes needs to be pulled to the top, at least one inch below the neckline. Employees are not allowed to roll up the sleeves of their clean suits or show their arms.

2. Air shower requirements

Before entering the dust-free workshop, the dust particles on the outside of the clothes must be removed by spraying. Experiments have shown that if employees go through two sprays, the spraying time is 20-60 seconds, and then enter the workshop, the air dust content in the workshop can be reduced by 2 times, so spraying is very necessary. All equipment, materials, parts and other materials also need to be decontaminated before entering the workshop.

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