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Three big industrial android machine application

by:Toponetech     2020-08-07
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, industrial automation and intelligent application in manufacturing industry is the comprehensive popularization, the industry will be more and more demand for android machine, as an industrial control computer manufacturers crown teck is ready to cope with the rapid development of industry of science and technology. So, the rapid development of industrial control industry has applied to what areas? , because of the direct contact with the user and group communication, industrial android all-in-one industry application is also asked about the problem of high frequency by user, we'll let you today embedded micro popularize the industrial application of android machine, if you have said in and out of the wrong place, please feel free to comment. A applied in industrial automation, industrial android machine: industrial automation I think everyone is very familiar with, manufacturing the machine hand already deeply into every department each factory to replace manual operation and labor costs brought about by the aging slower, now on industrial exhibition machine hand is also can be seen everywhere, machine hand, of course, just a little show industrial automation products, there are still many more industrial automation applications, here again I will not list one by one. Industrial automation core components are useful to industrial control and touch screen machine or without screen industrial control host, first by the software in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers develop application software, application software runs in the android industry tablet to control the operation of the whole machine, most of the control command signals transmitted by serial port. Industrial application in android machine vision: industrial vision used in the production of the factory is also very popular, industrial camera instead of the human eye to detect whether the product conveyor belt sent to have quality problem, this saves labor costs and avoid the error problem due to the artificial fatigue detection. Commonly used industrial visual front-end ports to connect camera, users to adopt more is to specify to Intel chips so, less just connect a industrial camera, need more than a touch screen control in the machine connected to the 4 to 6 industrial camera, so the end user demand for industrial control manufacturers brought difficulties one after another, only the technical configuration of breakthrough and industrial control products of escalating to stand out in the rapid development of industry. 3, industrial android machine applied in the 3 d printing: 3 d printing is also in recent years the rise of a new industry, is a technology to promote small now can print to the teeth and gold jewelry to building Bridges. In the 3 d printing industry, mainly adopts USB transmission command signals to control the operation of the whole 3 d printer, the whole 3 d printers for $200000 or so, the fuselage size zero. 5 cubic meters or so, you can imagine how high is the content of science and technology. Crown of equipment and overall solutions provider of business intelligence terminal.
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