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Things you didn't know when installing an outdoor LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-05-07
Abstract: Outdoor LED display screens are usually used in an outdoor environment with strong light. How can the display screen be seen clearly at a long distance, so it is necessary to use ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes. Outdoor LED display screens are usually used in an outdoor environment with strong light. How to see the display screen clearly at a long distance requires the use of ultra-high-brightness light-emitting diodes. In addition to the influence of strong light, temperature is also a problem that cannot be ignored, especially in colder winters that can cause the display to fail to start. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose a chip suitable for low temperature. Generally, the operating temperature is -40 Industrial grade integrated circuit chip between ℃~80℃. Secondly, install ventilation equipment to cool down so that the internal temperature of the screen is between -10°C and 40°C. An axial fan is installed on the top of the back of the screen to dissipate heat. Drainage measures have always been an indispensable part. The joint between the outdoor full-color LED display body and the building must be strictly leak-proof and waterproof. Once there is a requirement for accumulated water, it can be drained smoothly in time. The most important point is that the display medium uses a new type of wide viewing angle tube, which has a wide viewing angle, pure color, and the led unit board is consistent and coordinated. The outer packaging of the display medium is currently the most popular rectangular tube with a cover, sealed with silicone, and assembled without metallization; its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, sturdy and durable. [Dual-color LED display] [LED car display] [Indoor touch display]
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