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They need to pay attention to when using LCD touch screen of the six major matters

by:Toponetech     2020-10-31

They need to pay attention to when using LCD touch screen now six items of the LCD touch screen is all-in-one like bamboo shoots after rain fall into the high-end places, such as Banks, shopping malls, subways, railway stations, airports, hotels, hotels, meeting rooms, in big cities such as well, you are buying LCD touch all-in-one product use, noticed that how to use the method in the right to operate? Crown teck technology will tell you now use liquid crystal touch screen integrated unit need to be aware of the big six items: 

1, the touch screen with new touch recognition technology, users only need to gently touch the touch screen, without through the pressure sensor to complete the operation. It is important to note when using don't be too hard or use sharp instrument score touch screen surface. 

 2. In order to guarantee the normal use, the user should eliminate all foreign body touch screen, ensure that the fingers dry clean. And to avoid put this product in the location of the dust, high temperature or moisture. 

 3. This product shell making it easy for users to clean, in order to ensure the safety of users, please use soft cloth to wipe the screen after the shutdown and borders. Pay attention to when wiping, don't wipe up, to wipe the screen from top to bottom. 

 4. Please clean up the corners of the screen and the bottom border of dust, preventing dust effect of touch screen. Do not placed in the corners of the screen and the border or discard small obstacles, prevent because of obstacles blocking, causes the touch screen can't locate. Note: the user under normal use, the touch of this product will not affect other computer operation execution.

 5. This product for touch gestures recognition operation related to the following factors:? The contact position accurate? The speed of mobile operation? The time interval and the last to touch the note: how to make the right gestures, users refer to the instruction manual related to W I n d o W s help content. 

 6. In order to obtain better touchscreen sensitivity, users in the use of this product, please avoid direct artificial light source close or direct sunlight. 吗? In the system to save function cannot use the touch function. 吗? In the boot process, dormancy standby and safety mode, cannot use the touch function. If still have what not understand, please contact crown teck online customer service solution for you.
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