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Thermal design of LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-03-16
LED display in the case of high temperature for a long time can cause light bead decay accelerating reduce life, at the same time, the probability of failure rate of electronic device will increase rapidly. Thus resulting in a decline in display reliability. So solving the problem of LED display heat dissipation is a very important part of the LED display production. So what kind of design can reduce cost increase efficiency? A, LED display design method of heat dissipation from the practical application shows that the LED display internal heat is more, fever more electronic components as follows: LED, driving IC, switching power supply. Therefore, need to thermal design of LED display, between the heat source and the external environment to provide a low thermal resistance pathway, ensure heat transfer out. Object the temperature below 1800 ℃, the significant thermal radiation wavelengths in 0. Between 38 to 100 microns, and most of the energy in the infrared wavelengths 0. 76 ~ 20 mu m range, within the visible spectrum, thermal radiation energy proportion is not big. Therefore, all sorts of color LED display can internal coating. The sun was shining in the LED display outside, need to Shanghai juji into light, avoid the visible absorption. Considering from the usage of LED display, rental screen, indoor fixed installation screen use natural cooling cooling method, fixed installation screen is multi-purpose outdoor method of forced air cooling heat dissipation. Therefore, heat dissipation of LED display cabinet design is particularly important. From LED display cabinet use reliability, maintenance costs and so on many Angle consideration, using the forced convection cooling cooling fan, is how good heat dissipation. Fever heat exchange area of the electronic components and air cooling, heating electronic components and cold air temperature difference, directly affect the heat dissipation effect. This goes into the LED display the volume size of box body design, the design of the air duct. Ventilation pipe design, USES the straight pipe air as far as possible, avoid using a sharp bend and bend pipe. Ventilation pipe should avoid sudden expansion or contraction abruptly. Extend the opening Angle of not more than 20? , contraction of cone Angle greater than 60? 。 Ventilation pipe should be sealed, all lap should follow the direction of flow. LED display cabinet design, there are a few points to note: the side air inlet should be set in the enclosure, but don't too low, in order to prevent dirt and water into the installation on the ground of the casing. Vent should be set up near the upper box body. Air should be the direction under the above circulation box, dedicated air inlet and vent shall be used. Should make cooling air flows through hot electronic components, at the same time to prevent short circuit. Fan installed in the system, due to the structure limit, inlet and outlet will be affected by all kinds of block, often changes its performance curve. According to the practical experience, the outlet fan into the best and the obstacle of 40 mm distance, if there are space limitations, should be at least 20 mm. Consider adopting convulsions was a way of blowing, you can refer to the following table compares the blowing and convulsions way. 1 air distribution uneven, blowing has certain direction, local heat transfer, is applicable to the circumstances of a comparatively concentrated heating device. Uniform air supply, is suitable for heating device of even distribution, air duct is more complex. 2 fan near the outlet flow is mainly for turbulent flow into the flow of the fan is mainly for laminar flow state. 3 fan working under low air temperature, the fan long service life. Fan in air outlet high temperature work, life will be affected. 4 when blowing in the casing to form positive pressure, can prevent the dust from the gap into the box. A crack in the form negative pressure inside the cabinet, dust will enter the cabinet. The casing module of heat dissipation design, also need to consider. Poor heat dissipation design, can make the display effect is not good, a splash. Placed heating components on PCB, considering the uniform distribution of heat as far as possible, don't put hot gathered at some local PCB components. Conclusion high temperature influence on the reliability of the LED display is bigger, heat dissipation design needs to be done. Fixed installation of outdoor LED display, need to start with big screen heat dissipation design, for the heat dissipation of box body design, the module of heat dissipation design. Thermal design, we need to do plan, calculate have no problem again after do prototype test validation. There is no question about the test verification of LED display, just will not high temperature problem in the actual work.
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