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The world development trend of the touch screen - 21 Touch the micro, let touch closer to life

by:Toponetech     2020-08-18
With the rapid development of science and technology, touch screen work has brought great convenience to people's life, however, it doesn't have the screen at the same time and portable these two features, this problem is solved to virtual touch screen. Virtual touch screen, what is likely to be in a movie or some YY you seen in the video, such as the iphone video, mobile phone in the desktop casting a screen, and can direct contact point, but it just make video, in fact no such products. Laser micro touch touch, use of projection - touch technology - - - - - - - - - - - - Laser touch technology, which can turn any surface into virtual touch screen, although he hasn't cell phone is so small, but it does to people's imagination into reality. Business office and home entertainment touch micro quick start application in the field of business office meeting radium integration android touch touch micro shots, office software, projection, audio, bluetooth, wifi, a key boot can be used. Without waiting for the light bulb, and light bulb can be used more than 20000 hours. Without special conference room, a white wall, a few chairs is the conference room. Is not only 'see' support touch can be projected on the surface of the table a 15 inch projection, realize the finger touch to its, the equivalent of a big tablets, and projected on the walls, can cast a 20 - 150 inch screen, can realize the function of electronic whiteboard, electronic pen can be used to operate on the image, writing. Volume light, easy to carry a laser micro touch touch pitch design for a portable business projection touch mobile office, small size, high aspect is: 19. 5 * 13。 7x 3. 8 cm, the weight is only 600 grams, very convenient to carry. Wireless mobile phones with screen support android phones and apple's wireless with screen function, not only the content can be on the phone with micro cast displayed on screen, but also can make comments on a mobile phone, the remark will be displayed on the projection. Touch the application in the field of home entertainment ( Big eye light) The movie actually can see with all sorts of intelligent hardware requirements gradually diversified. The status of traditional home appliances 'TV' gradually by all kinds of intelligent hardware shake. No screen TV is a big window. Due to easy to carry, truly mobile cinema. Now at home as long as there is a wall, can watch the 40 - such as a piece of the ceiling 300 inches of large size screen. 4 k, 3 d movies, TV shows online. Never leave home have the enjoyment of cinema. Push the phone's screen touch micro shots can be closely connected with our smart phones, with screen push share good-looking, fun through a wireless connection to the people around. Chat, games, movies to you with the traditional cell phones, computers and other equipment unexpected experience. Learning through the baby's thinking is full of imagination and creativity. Home desktop, wall and so on, can write any painting is baby's paradise. Let the children give full play to the nature of creation in the rich chang to play in the ocean of knowledge. Touch the micro software could carry mass education resources. Let the baby learn and grow in the happy in the entertainment. VR/AR and touch the micro is closely connected to the voice of the virtual reality is higher and higher. Through the mobile phone of VR software can be directly through the touch pitch and virtual images projected the people out, large screen, give the child a immersive feel. Where is the baby's eyesight is - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Keep it with the rising popularity of electronic products and rich, the present age of the Internet can't always avoid to face numerous electronic screens, well-known electronic screens may cause the damage to the baby's eyes, 'small glasses', more and more around the ubiquitous electronic screen also let each parents small-scale operations. Touch the cast is through the plane of the reflected ray, relative to the electronic screen, its brightness is more close to natural light, the eye looks not easy fatigue.
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