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The working principle of the LCD display

by:Toponetech     2020-11-02

LCD display screen is widely used in devices such as mobile phone, tablet, TV, so how does it work? LCD liquid crystal is a kind of material, LCD this material has a characteristic: in the liquid crystal molecules rotate, driven by electrical signals of rotating will affect the transmission of light, so we can behind the LCD panel with Bai Guangzhao ( Called the backlight) , can let the liquid crystal molecules through different electrical signals for selective pervious to light, in front of the LCD panel at this time is all sorts of different color, this is the LCD display. 

 Passive shining and active shine. Some of the display ( Such as the LED display, CRT monitor) Itself will glow called active luminous, some itself will not glow will pervious to light, can appear to be illuminated, without the help of a backlight is called passive. 

 To the LCD display is a must to display work, and establish a mapping between memory. It is also a LCD display in the preliminary phase of one of the two stages, in the second stage, we only need to throw into the corresponding data in the memory, the LCD screen will automatically display the corresponding contents) 。 Above is the basic principle of the LCD display, have certain help, hope to understand the display LCD display choice must not miss crown teck touch screen, a factory specializes in industrial screen, touch screen, from consulting to after-sales services production.
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