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The wide application of touch screen touch technology? Touch screen touch induction cooker

by:Toponetech     2020-05-16
To use more convenient, make the kitchen more beautiful, more let the user more free and easy to release with love. Over the years, only the kitchen already achieved greatly technology upgrading, but the capacitive touch screen is not yet widely used. Now, thanks to the popularity of smart phones and other portable electronic products, 70% of the touch screen is capacitive on the market. As technology advances, intelligent household capacitive touch screen is a wide range of promotion, intelligent kitchen is its important application field. Crown teck by its prospective development of industry, mastered the core technology of smart home touch screen, developed a number of touch screen application products. At present, sales of induction cooker in general are touch-tone phones on the market. A new generation of touch screen induction cooker you crystal plate, texture, fashionable and beautiful. 。 Flat screen touch sensing buttons, fashion technology, feel comfortable, easy to operate. 。 Intelligent home control system is the core intelligent household, is the foundation of smart home control functions. So, what is smart home control system. Command to launch fragmentary role, mainly through all kinds of sensing device to accept all kinds of sensor signals, and trigger control command may after people consciously corresponding emission intelligent remote control, manual trigger device to recover the control command; But how to control the system only? Touch screen, that's right in order to make the operation more simple and convenient, these operations are applied to touch touch screen control system. Touch screen touch technology in the 21st century has been widely applied to the ninety percent of household life.
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