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The value of LED display and the outlook on future development

by:Toponetech     2021-06-15
Today's LED display is not just a tool for displaying information, from the original single and double color display to a full-color screen, from outdoor direct plug to indoor surface mount, to outdoor surface mount, indoor and outdoor COB. After years of development of LED display screens, LED display screen products have now been greatly enriched, and LED display screens are being applied to more occasions. As a tool for information display, the value of LED display has been fully reflected, but this label has also been firmly fixed. The LED display price era is developing, technology is advancing, and LED display people's thinking is constantly adjusted and changed. For the LED display, one of them is how to further tap the potential value of the LED display, break the existing value label attached to it, and let the LED display change its appearance and reappear into the public's field of vision. It is divided into two steps: the first step is how to make innovative changes from the appearance design, so that the LED display screen can be more integrated into the surrounding environment. This step is the premise and the foundation; second, seek breakthroughs from the value core. We know that the advantages of LED display are very obvious, such as high brightness, energy saving, long life, large viewing angle, etc. Therefore, its application potential is still great. The key is how to use creativity to tap its potential. How to integrate into the surrounding environment? Outdoors, the problem of the high degree of disharmony between the LED display and the surrounding environment is becoming more and more prominent. When the LED display is lit, there will be a certain degree of light pollution, and when it is not working, it is like a city. scar. For this reason, the current outdoor LED display is facing increasingly strict supervision. However, as the carrier of displaying urban commercial activities and endorsing the modern spirit of the city, its role cannot be ignored. How to weigh the contradiction and conflict between the two, how to break the embarrassment of LED electronic display? The only solution is to better integrate the LED electronic display into the environment and completely eliminate this disharmonious factor. The most ideal effect is to make the LED electronic display a unique landscape of the city and maximize its value. Show up. In the field of outdoor LED electronic display screens, there are many companies in the industry that have achieved the perfect connection between creative screens and surrounding buildings, making LED electronic display screens a new landmark and new business card in the city. Indoors, the same problem is faced. How to make the touch display more integrated into the environment? In fact, we also need to do more. In this regard, the oil painting screen is an example that can be used for reference. When we watch the oil painting screen from a distance, sometimes even close, if we do not distinguish carefully, we will never think that this is an LED display screen, but treat it completely as an oil painting. . In our eyes, it not only appears unobtrusive, but can bring us an unexpected sense of beauty. The challenge here is: how to design a frame that is more harmonious with the surrounding environment; how to further optimize the image quality of the LED display; how to design the shape and appearance of the LED display to integrate it with the surrounding environment or buildings. Seek a breakthrough from the value core. Nowadays, many companies in the LED display industry have been deeply engaged in creative displays, and some companies have begun to get involved in the research and development and production of oil painting screens. These are the process of rethinking the value of LED displays. Take the exquisite picture scroll of the Beijing Olympics. I am afraid that no one would have thought that this was a huge LED display at the beginning, but was completely immersed in the thick and rich artistic atmosphere it created. It is another presentation of the value of the LED display. In the future, with the further development of LED display technology, as the mass consumer demand is moving towards individualization, customization and art.
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