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The use of the android all-in-one scene in the theater

by:Toponetech     2020-06-29
Android all-in-one scene in the theater with the improvement of people's life quality, the use of touch technology has become the current simple man-machine communication equipment. It adds new look to the multimedia, it is very attractive new multimedia interactive devices. Touch all-in-one android cinema technology has contact with high resolution, high reliability, can work under bad environment, not affected by dust, dirt, water, light, etc. The characteristics of the adverse environmental impact. Now the big touch screen android all-in-one entertainment channel for users of motivational, significantly beyond the traditional entertainment channel model; Solved before queuing check-in, time is long, low efficiency. Now by touching the android camera system, terminal client with film on the touch screen input number, enter the corresponding verification code, can complete one-stop service from order to collect the tickets, to order by informationization means to collect the tickets, 4 k picture, more real show in terminal customer's eyes. Can show various films show renderings collocation, scene content diagram, the customer to understand while see, do not need to explain; Please click to check the customer to watch the movie information, scene graph, price and so on. More intuitive, information better, clinch a deal the natural is better; Can play the computer video, film, content, service information, etc. , fully display your movie. The introduction of large size android touch all-in-one PC skills, injected new life into the traditional operating methods. Sound, pictures, film and television animation content - lively - - - - - - Multimedia theater seems to have become the new fashion today, this kind of large size touch android contact: all-in-one cinemas appeared LCD device + configuration host + + infrared multi-point touch screen film repository. Cinema terminal android all-in-one level adopts industrial-grade display components, flexible configuration good compatibility, strong expansibility, etc. In the movie theater is very convenient installation and maintenance is simple, effective high the user experience, and take up the space is small. The capacitive touch display, easy operation, high sensitivity. And adopted the brightness light head, can automatically adjust the brightness. Will share with you today to this, want to learn more, please pay attention to the crown teck's official website last and introduce a crown teck android all-in-one, pay more attention to information please officer, 17. 3 inch industrial android all-in-one, tamper-proof/small/fever/stable performance and low power consumption support throughout the run screen size 17. Models TouchTEC - 3 inches A173A resolution of 1920 * 1080 proportion 16:9 widescreen CPU mainboard parameters standard A83T architecture A7 eight core 2 GHZ ( Optional RK3188 architecture A9 quad-core 1. 6 GHZ, optional RK3288 architecture A17 quad-core 1. 8 ghz) Hard disk 8 g EMMC ( Optional EMMC / 16 g and 32 g EMMC) Memory 2 gb DDR3 ( Optional 4 gb DDR3/8 g DDR3) Built-in ROM android 4 block 2 KB EEPROM operating system. 4 decoding resolution support 1080 p playback mode, loop, the regular support slots playback modes such as network support, Ethernet, support wifi, 3 g wireless peripherals such as image format supports BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIFRTC real-time clock support ( Since the battery) USB interface parameters USB2. 0 ( OTG) * 1,USB2。 0 ( 主机) * 1 serial interface 8 '- 10. 4 ': COM * 1, other size: COM * 2, the default RS232 protocol, can change to 422/485 agreement WIFI connection WIFI antenna interface * 1 power supply DC 12 v * 1 * 1 HDMI hd interface card slot type SIM card slot * 1, RJ - TF card slot * 1 card interface 45 * 1 Audio interface Audio I/O support various industry extension interface support custom color 16 display parameters. 7 m from 0. 264 mm screen panel industrial control A gauge panel TFT panel contrast, 1000:1 display brightness 400 CD/m2 ( Can be customized high above 400 CD/m2 brightness) Viewing Angle ( H160( V) 160, can be customized wide Angle 178 ° backlight type LED backlit screen life 50000 h or gray-scale 5 ms response time to touch the optional resistor/capacitor/infrared touch screen installation embedded, desktop, wall, cantilever type power supply 12 v - 5 a professional external power adapter acuities were 60 w power consumption - operating temperature - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ storage temperature 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ relative humidity of 0% 65% ( No condensation) Material of whole airframe adopt aluminum alloy metal color silver/black warranty policy the machine one year free warranty protection grade IP65 waterproof dust-proof packing list on the front panel industry android tablets/install accessories/power/power adapter/driver CD/manual/warranty card
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