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The use of industrial tablet touch all-in-one considerations have?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-08
The use of industrial tablet touch all-in-one considerations have? 1, pay attention to put the position of industrial tablet touch one confidential put it is a cool place, because when industrial touch all-in-one PC tablet is a long time the sun point-blank, can affect the operation of the staff. Only when the visual effect of staff to achieve a better state, in order to fully play the role of industrial touch all-in-one PC tablets. 2, pay attention to use industrial tablet touch all-in-one PC manufacturers when you buy the how to use, I will, but also strict emphasis in the use of industrial tablet touch all-in-one needed attention, such as: open the power supply of the order, do not use cases to pull out the power supply and so on. It makes people in mind form a concept, can greatly improve the working efficiency of the industrial tablet touch all-in-one. 3, pay attention to regular maintenance regularly to cleaning, maintenance and industrial tablet touch all-in-one PC, especially with dry cloth. Because of the special techniques used by industry tablet touch all-in-one PC, make it has the function of the touch screen, so that when people in the process of operation will be more easy to have dust. If necessary at the same time also need to ask professional personnel for inspection, can greatly improve the service life of the tablet touch all-in-one of industry. Well more than simple introduces several industrial tablet touch all-in-one PC using note have? I believe you have a certain understanding, welcome the masses of friends to inquire other problems, also can ask my company product information at the same time, we sincerely for your answer.
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