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The use of high-risk areas, industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-08-22
High-risk areas, the use of industrial tablets in our country involves the risk of industry in each region, so our industrial tablets in these high risk areas and homework how much help? Especially in some gas, dust workshop, high temperature in the working environment. The following crown teck we discuss together with you. 1. Gas station control machine to play the role of a very tense, once the attack, the normal operation of gas stations will have been affected. Sinopec's evacuated more than 25000 gas stations scattered comparison, most gas stations division in an urban area, a lot of gas station is located in the mountains, attacks when repair replacement will be very trouble. 2. Tankers are connected to the control machine via a serial port, industrial gas station number of tanker tablet range from 2 to 30, and therefore require control machine has the function of strong extensibility. After the comparison, sinopec ultimate control machine would be a strong industrial PC in the progressive system has made a lot of special planning, strong sex vastly superior to the commercial PC. 3. Because industrial control industry tablets made card computer motherboard, plug on the passive backplane. Passive floor as long as the ISA, PCI bus connector and capacitance resistors and other passive components, and therefore the probability of passive backplane damage industrial tablet is very low, vulgar without replacement of, can be at ease use.
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