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The use of android all-in-one in scanning terminal

by:Toponetech     2020-08-09
In android machine scans the use of the terminal with the continuous development of science and technology, the traditional scan can not meet the needs of the user terminal, and the birth of a new generation of scanning terminal well complied with the development of modern intelligent mode, it relies on its accuracy, fast speed, objectivity, low cost advantage is widely used in many areas, especially the scanning detection technology has made important achievements. In the future, as a comprehensive industrial automation and automated scanning android all-in-one application will also further expanded. Modern intelligent scanning terminal technology is the foundation of the innovation and development, scanning the clarity and efficiency to a certain extent, shows the progress of the society and the development of science and technology level. Scanning kiosks is characterized by objectivity, non-contact and accuracy. And a general sense of image and text processing system, compared to system emphasizes the accuracy, speed and reliability of the industrial field environment. For business and the market demand for android machine, combination machine of assembly model, according to the practical application scenarios and environment, select the appropriate operation control hardware equipment, reasonable design and LCD para joint movement control platform of the system. On the basis of existing scanning equipment, selected the suitable for this system of industrial camera, optical lens, image acquisition card hardware combination collocation, make its more powerful. Scanning kiosks android all-in-one level adopts industrial-grade display components, flexible configuration good compatibility, strong expansibility, etc. In scanning kiosks, use very convenient installation and maintenance is simple, high effective user experience, and take up the space is small. The capacitive touch display, easy operation, high sensitivity. And adopted the brightness light head, can automatically adjust the clarity. Share with you today to this, want to learn more, please pay attention to the crown teck's official website
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