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The touch screen will be used in Zhu Ziqing's Biography Museum

by:Toponetech     2021-10-18
This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Zhu Ziqing. As one of the key projects in the construction of Yangzhou Cultural Expo City in 2018, the improvement project of Zhu Ziqing’s former residence has been carried out. According to Han Feng, the person in charge of Zhu Ziqing's former residence, Zhu Ziqing's former residence has recently closed for improvement. At present, the museum is being painted, maintained and repaired, and then the exhibition is upgraded. It is expected that on the 120th anniversary of Zhu Ziqing’s birth in November this year, Zhu Ziqing’s former residence will be presented to tourists in a brand-new exhibition form and exhibition content, allowing tourists from all over the world to have a new visiting experience and a comprehensive understanding of Zhu Ziqing’s life. What will happen to Zhu Ziqing’s former residence this time? Han Feng told reporters that according to the currently finalized plan, this upgrade project is mainly to upgrade the exhibition, increase the content of the exhibition, and show tourists the footprints of Zhu Ziqing's short life. In these footprints, we can I feel the literary wealth and life enlightenment that Zhu Ziqing left us, as well as the national integrity of patriotism. 'Not only will the content of the exhibition be increased, the format of the exhibition will also be adjusted and new, more in line with the visit experience of modern people.' Han Feng introduced, 'The current form of the exhibition was designed in 2001, 17 years have passed, and it is old. The exhibition form of the exhibition has not been able to keep up with the current exhibition form. Therefore, we will upgrade the exhibition and will remove all the current exhibition panels.' In addition, the current popular touch screen in the exhibition hall will be added, and Zhu Ziqing’s classics will be added. Enter the works and related information, and then visitors can easily and quickly inquire about Zhu Ziqing's related information. Reprinted to: China Touch Screen Network
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