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The touch screen three application field in the future

by:Toponetech     2020-07-30
Have you ever thought that the future will use the touch screen in where? According to the China glass network, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of things, in the future, 5 g, artificial intelligence, unmanned, AR/VR, biometrics, the further development of new technologies, such as large data, commercial display, automotive and new retail will be touch screen three application market. A, new retail 5 g, artificial intelligence, Internet of things of new retail give wider screen touch display technology products in the market, large size touch screen sales to 2019 years is expected to close to $12 billion. Over the past ten years, Facebook, amazon, tencent, apple, ali, millet and other Internet giants rapid rise and high-tech platform. At the same time, with the rapid development of Internet and high-tech, these businesses use the abundant capital and advanced operating mode crossover into the traditional industry, brings to the traditional industry influence and even subversive. From wto statistics of domestic retail enterprises in 127 listed as you can see, in the first half year of 2018, retail enterprise's revenue growth rate as high as 21. 63%, but if you eliminate ali, jingdong, suning, yong hui and other 15 head enterprise, the enterprise of the year-on-year growth is only 1. 75%. This is enough, 2018 is still a new retail triumphantly in the year. Internet giant, using big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technology constantly with the depth of the retail industry, also for the application of display touch-screen terminal opened up a broad market space. Such as no retail stores, electronic labels, settlement system and display interface is combined with intelligent terminal touch plays an important role in it. 2, commercial display in 2017 the Ministry of Education with particular emphasis on the wisdom, information communication under the condition of equipment and the demand of interconnection and interoperability, content sharing, it is the emphasis on research and development of software industry standardization ', the level of compatibility, vertical compatibility and the demand of the backward compatibility, makes the interactive display interface touch to a more human nature characteristics, people's operation habit, it is easy to touch up, it need big data for analysis. Electronic government affairs, tourism, facilities management and medical and other fields, is one of the commercial display application scenario in the future. Three, vehicle with intelligent automobile application technology in the field of increasingly mature and perfect, vehicle-mounted man-machine interface rigid demand will further enhance display touch demand below. Accompanied by unmanned technology, 5 g mobile network, development of new technology, such as the current smart car great changes have taken place in the demand for car display. Car and exchange of information also reflected the future broad application prospect in the field of intelligent technology. Vehicle control panel and rear entertainment screen while using a single, but the application scenario and panel demand is bigger, in addition to the car, plane, high iron, the public car, taxi, etc are all display panel application scenarios, and the huge demand, wide prospect of market.
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