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The touch era has arrived: Analyzing the charm of electronic touch screens

by:Toponetech     2021-10-15
In recent years of high-tech electronics industry exhibitions, there have been endless new products. There is a category of products that has been attracting attention. Jobs also predicted that the era of touch has come, so touch screens in the electronics industry have also become a wave. Let Rongguan Xiaoxin give a comprehensive explanation of the touch screen from three elements today. Point: Transparent, it directly affects the visual consequences of the touch screen. Transparency has the problem of transparency. Infrared technology touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen are separated by only a layer of pure glass. Transparency can be regarded as the best. Other touch screens should be carefully considered. 'Transparency' is just a very important thing in the touch screen industry. As a general concept, we know that many touch screens are multi-layer composite films. It is not enough to sum up its visual consequences with a little transparency. It should contain at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflectivity and clarity. It can be further divided. For example, the reflection level includes the mirror reflection water temperature and the diffraction reflection level, but the diffraction reflection on the surface of our touch screen has not reached the level of the CD disc. For users, these four metrics are already basic enough. Point: From the perspective of technical principles, the touch screen is a transparent positioning system. First of all, it must be transparent. Therefore, it must use data technology to solve the problem of transparency, such as digitizers, writing boards, elevator switches, they are not Touch screen; secondly, it is coordinates. It doesn't need any action. Unlike a mouse, it is a system of relative positioning. We can notice that touch screen software does not need a cursor. Cursors affect the user's attention. , Because the cursor is used for relatively positioned equipment. To move a relatively positioned equipment to a location, you must first know where it is now and in which direction to go. It is necessary to constantly feedback the current position to the user at all times. Will not show deviation. These are not necessary for touch screens that use coordinate positioning; secondly, they can detect the touch of the finger and determine the position of the finger. Various touch screen techniques are 'detecting finger touch' and the eight immortals have their own magical powers. The third point: The touch screen is a coordinate system. Just click on it directly. The essential difference from a relative positioning system such as a mouse is the intuitiveness of the one-time implementation. The characteristic of the coordinate system is that each positioning coordinate has nothing to do with the last positioning coordinate. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system. The data of each touch is converted to the coordinates on the screen through the calibration data. In this way, the touch screen is requested Regardless of the situation in which this set of coordinates, the output data of the same point is stable. If it is not stable, then the touch screen cannot guarantee the coordinate positioning, and the point is not accurate. This is the problem that the touch screen is afraid of: drift. In principle, the problem of drift is unavoidable for all touch screens that cannot guarantee that the same point is touched every time the sampled data is the same. However, with the development of technology nowadays, this problem will basically not arise. Therefore, from the perspective of the market concept, the touch screen completely satisfies the need to learn the characteristics that everyone can use, and occupies the throne in the touch field.
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