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The status quo and future trends of in-vehicle touch screens

by:Toponetech     2021-10-14
With the intelligentization of cars, touch screens and systems are both indispensable parts. The car touch screen market can be said to be competing globally, with Europe and the United States focusing on systems, while the Asia-Pacific region is a game of car touch screens. At present, the mobile device ecology is perfect, and the two major systems with high popularity are iOS and Android. They are actively promoting the development of in-vehicle systems, allowing the automotive system to embark on the fast lane in terms of interactivity, user experience, and the establishment of an ecological chain. . According to the ultrasonic display engineer, compared with the touch screen used in the consumer electronics field, the touch screen display used in the automotive field is used for a long time under high temperature and high vibration. It needs to pass high temperature, high humidity, and long-term high-standard tests, and it must be handled well. All kinds of high-intensity electromagnetic interference (EMI). Automotive component manufacturers’ requirements for touch screens include support for multi-touch, large size, high reliability, and high durability. Among them, large size and multi-touch are mainly to satisfy the user's sense of experience. These two points are similar to the consumer electronics field, and high reliability and high durability are particularly emphasized in the automotive field. In addition, the environmental testing standards for vehicles are much stricter than those of electronic products used in other industries. The operating temperature must be between -40°C and 85°C. The touch screen also needs to be dustproof, shockproof, and anti-glare. , Easy identification, automatic brightness adjustment and other issues, this will be a big challenge for manufacturers who want to enter the car touch display in the harsh environment. The certification standards for in-vehicle touch screens are strict. Such as QS9000, TS16949, American Automobile Industry Standard, JIS Japanese Automobile Industry Standard and ISO14000 Environmental Protection Standard and many other certification standards. Generally, the certification period for European and American customers is as long as three years, and requires Anshan's management system and certification standards; the certification period for Japanese customers is about two years; other emerging markets and domestic customers generally learn from the design of Europe, America and Japan and directly adopt Europe and the United States. Or products of similar structure and design that have been certified by Japanese customers, the certification period is about one year. After entering the supply chain of the customer system, car touch screen products are difficult to be replaced by other manufacturers as long as the quality can maintain the standards required by customers. The design and production of car display products have a long life cycle. The car touch screen must support a car production period of more than five years and a spare parts supply period of more than ten years. Therefore, after any touch screen manufacturer and auto manufacturer cooperate with each other, the potential for business opportunities is relatively large. In order to maintain the production cycle of the car and the supply of accessories, the gross profit of auto manufacturers and auto component manufacturers to touch screen manufacturers is also very high. Due to the lack of horizontal and vertical industry cooperation in the research and development of smart cars, the in-vehicle touch screens of a small number of vehicle models in the mainland are basically the application of multimedia centers and car navigation, leading to improvements in product performance, reliability, and service life in the industry. Lack of motivation. As more and more foreign auto brands pay more attention to the mainland market, whether it is consumer experience, after-sales maintenance market cultivation, or mainland domestic brands consciously introduce and imitate, foreign advanced smart car culture will be the same as smart phone culture. Accepted and sought after by the vast number of consumers, the mainland's in-vehicle touch screen will be internationalized. This article is reproduced for electronic enthusiasts
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