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The status quo and existing problems of outdoor LED advertising screens

by:Toponetech     2021-04-20
Outdoor advertising, as a component of the urban landscape, plays an important role in building the overall urban landscape and activating the regional environment. Outdoor LED advertising screens, as a widely used media technology, are a form of outdoor advertising. Product display, policy advocacy and promotion of local culture play an important role. Creative touch display leading brand technology to share with you the current situation and existing problems of outdoor LED advertising screens. Research content of outdoor LED advertising screens This guide investigates the installation of outdoor LED commercial advertising screens with an area of u200bu200bmore than 10 square meters. What are the characteristics of LED advertising screens with LED displays less than 10 square meters? LED advertising screens are a very good way to promote companies and products. There are many types, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Today I will give you a specific introduction to the characteristics of these LED advertising screens for everyone to understand. And choose to better play their functions. 1. According to different usage environments, LED advertising screens include outdoor advertising screens, semi-outdoor advertising screens and indoor advertising screens. Among them, the outdoor advertising screens vary in area, ranging from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters. Meters, it can be used in a sunlit environment, and the viewing distance is tens of meters away, it can be seen very clearly, and the screen body also has a very good anti-lightning and weather-proof effect. 2. The area of u200bu200bthe indoor LED advertising screen is between a few square meters to a dozen square meters, and the dot density is relatively high. It can be used under light or no sunlight. The viewing distance is a few meters away, but the screen The body does not have the function of fire prevention and sealing.  3. The semi-outdoor advertising screen has a high luminous brightness and can be used in an environment without sunlight, but the screen has a certain sealing effect and can be installed in a window or under the eaves. 4. The outdoor LED advertising screen is controlled by an offline control system. This does not require a special person to manage it. It will be automatically operated after the time is set. It is also very convenient to use, and it can display different according to user requirements. The content can greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.  5. There are also many ways to install LED advertising screens, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, embedded and hinged, etc. The installation is relatively simple and there are very few connecting lines. The LED advertising screen is composed of a system synchronized with a computer and a combination of color-changing lamps. It can form a full-color screen, displaying various formats of animation, pictures and text, etc., giving people a different effect, which can greatly To attract the attention of consumers.
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