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The single point touch and multi-touch advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Toponetech     2020-06-18
Single-point touch: single point touch devices generally use resistive touch screen, resistive touch screen is the advantages of it are cheaper and touch screen system, response and high sensitivity, and 4-wire resistive touch screen or five line resistance touch screen, they are a completely isolated to the outside environment, does not fear the dust and water vapor, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, it can use any object to touch, stable performance is better. The disadvantage is that the outer layer of thin film resistive touch screens are easy to be scratched in touch screen is not available, the light of the multilayer structure can lead to large losses, for handheld devices usually need to increase the back light to compensate for bad light penetration problem, also increases the consumption of the battery. Multi-touch: multi-touch technology can break the task down into two aspects, one is at the same time collecting more signal, the second is to signal to determine the significance of each road, also is the so-called gesture recognition, so as to realize the five fingers of screen recognition of people at the same time click touch. Compared with the single point touch technology, multi-touch technology breaks through the false address problems. Advantages: 1, multi-touch is on the same display more or multi-user interactive operation mode, abandoned the single point of keyboard, mouse operation mode. 2, the user can through the single point touch hands, also can click, double-click, translation, press, rolling, and spinning different gestures, such as touch screen, realize control follow one's inclinationsly, so as to better and more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of object (related Text, pictures, video, 3 d simulation, information) 。 3, according to customer demand, customized corresponding touchpad, touch software and multimedia systems; Can be used with professional graphics software. Faults: use multi-touch capacitive screen can only use finger like a conductor in contact with the screen has a range of can react, relative to the resistance screen cost is higher, the service life is relatively short. Coupling capacitance directly affected by temperature, humidity, fingers moist degree and external interference effects of large area, use rise is not stable.
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