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The rise of electronic terminal market, the application trend of capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-10-31
After apple iPhone smartphone, electronic terminal market immediately lift the application trend of capacitive touch screen. Capacitance screen rapidly replaced resistive screen as the market leading technology, and become the smartphones, tablets and other high-end electronic products touch device. Electronic products for appearance and weight equally strict pursuit, make the development of touch screen industry into the fast lane. From the G + G, G + FF to OGS, In - 细胞,, Cell, industry consolidation sharply. With the touch screen applications, large size, rapid response, accurate control and so on become to the new requirement of the touch screen. With the phase in advanced materials and manufacturing technology, the size of the touch screen will no longer be restricted, the implementation of flexible touch technology will also be just around the corner, touch screen technology and advanced flat-panel display technology will be further integration. Cover touch the whole industry chain's development from the G + G, G + FF to OGS, In - 细胞,, Cell, industry consolidation sharply. Companies not only in the vertical product line upgrade, also along the terminal product before and after the shell expansion. Such as the Philippines, light force Thai jinlong, star science and technology, mechanical and electrical, crown teck photoelectric, and other enterprises, in addition to their original main business, also in the whole joint products display touch integration, camera products, fingerprint identification module, etc. , have showed extraordinary strength. Industry concentration trend obviously in guangdong province is home to 3 c product design, manufacturing, to touch display product development, manufacturing, sales, provides the advantageous position advantage. According to statistics, shenzhen alone has focused blue, industry international, the Philippines, lai treasure, deep, the more light, tianma, emperor jing, south bo, crown teck and other famous enterprises. With as many as thousands of form a complete set of materials, equipment companies, total working population of nearly ten thousand people. Flexible touch, resemble supersized touch is the main development direction of touch in the future. In the next few years, touch industry technology, markets, products and the competitive landscape are profound changes will occur.
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