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The refresh rate and grey scale related introduction

by:Toponetech     2021-01-28
'Refresh rate' also called 'refresh rate'. It refers to the display update rate, usually with Hertz ( Hz) As a unit for said. In general the refresh frequency above 3000 Hz, for highly efficient . More than 1000 hz refresh rate is higher than the human eye commonly basic could not tell the difference. Refresh rate is higher, the picture shows the more stable, the less the visual light flashes. low 'refresh rate', the impact of water wave stripe occurs in addition to the camera, photography, as well as similar tens of thousands of star light bulb flickering images at the same time, human eyes are watching, may therefore produce discomfort, and even harm the eyes. The refresh rate is higher, the video will play more smoothly. And when the cameras or photography, showing will become more clear, the phenomenon such as flashing or wave stripe does not exist. 258 on a what is a grey scale, gray level how to distinguish between a led display under constant current and constant voltage main what is the difference
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