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The reason for the flickering of the touch screen of the advertising machine

by:Toponetech     2021-10-31
When the touch screen flickers, Rongguan touch screen manufacturers recommend that the first step is to analyze the possible causes, and then solve the screen flickering problem. 1. Power supply problem If the flickering of the screen is caused by a power supply problem, it proves that the manufacturer is unqualified. A second-hand power supply may be used, and an energy overdraft may occur due to the limited service life. If there are no problems in the above three areas, it may be due to this reason. First, find an electrician for testing, and then consult the manufacturer. Manufacturers usually send technicians to replace or return to the factory for repairs. 2. Voltage Problem Under normal circumstances, only the multi-plug board will have the problem of insufficient voltage, and the screen flickering will start from the socket. If it is a circuit board problem, just replace it. Third, the problem of magnetic interference The surrounding environment has strong magnetic interference, such as the operation of many electrical appliances around it will have a certain impact on the screen. Try to move the touch screen all-in-one machine to another location or remove the equipment around the machine. Fourth, internal wiring problems due to logistics and transportation problems, loosening, internal wiring problems may occur. Usually, this kind of problem is more troublesome, but you only need to ask the maintenance master to make some adjustments. Rongguan focuses on the Ru0026D and production of advertising machines, touch query all-in-one machines, touch all-in-one machines, touch screen displays, etc., which can provide customers in different industries with personalized solutions, help companies save communication costs with customers, and realize the integration of office resources , To increase the turnover rate of business sales and refresh the image of the enterprise in front of customers.
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