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The rapid development of led display!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-13
Abstract: At present, screens have been widely used in various fields. In daily life, touch display screens have become indispensable display devices, especially outdoor display screens, which have become a symbol of urban beautification and modern generation. Recently, the 2012 London Olympics is in full swing. The competition among players from various countries is extremely fierce. For now, screens have been widely used in various fields. In daily life, touch display screens have become indispensable display devices, especially Outdoor display screens have become a symbol of the beautification of the city and the modern era. Recently, the 2012 London Olympics is in full swing. Players from all over the world compete fiercely, just to get the Olympic gold medal, just to shine in their motherland, to show their national flag in front of everyone, and to make their figure stand out. . The led electronic display screen plays a vital role in it. We can see the athlete's every move on the court through the led electronic display screen, even a move, a subtle expression. The Olympic Games and World Expo will drive the rapid development of the led electronic display market, and the market growth rate reached its peak in 2012. The main role of the Olympic Games and the World Expo is far from driving the growth of the market by themselves, and more importantly, their role models. In order to welcome the Olympic Games, a number of projects will be built in Beijing, Qingdao, and even Shanghai. These projects will also play a demonstrative role while decorating the streets. Seeing the outstanding performance of LED displays in other cities will reduce concerns about the use of LED displays and accelerate the use of LED displays in daily life. The will rapidly expand from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities. The led electronic display market is mainly decorated in public places such as streets and squares, and the driving force mainly comes from the government. Affected by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, London, Beijing, Shanghai and other venues have accelerated the pace of development. Due to the low power consumption of LED displays, they have a strong market in a market with huge power consumption. Competitiveness. Known as the technology to illuminate the future, LED displays have gradually entered our daily lives and will promote a revolutionary change in the display field. The birth of screens heralds the arrival of the innovation era in the LED industry. LED has gone out of the shackles of lighting and has a place in display devices.
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