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The pursuit of high brightness led electronic display is extremely harmful!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-07
Abstract: First of all, LED screens use self-luminous technology. As a light source, LED lamp beads must have the problem of brightness attenuation after a period of use. First of all, the LED screen uses self-luminous technology. As a light source, the LED lamp beads must have the problem of brightness attenuation after a period of use. To achieve high brightness, a larger drive current is required. However, under high current, the stability of the LED lamp beads will decrease, and the attenuation will be faster. In other words, the pure pursuit of high brightness is actually at the expense of the image quality and life of the LED screen. It is possible that the input cost has not been recovered, and the display screen can no longer be serviced, resulting in a huge waste of resources. [PH10 single blue display] In addition, the problem of light pollution in cities around the world is already very serious. Many countries have even issued laws and regulations to strictly control the brightness of outdoor lighting and display screens. As one of many display technologies with higher brightness, LED screens have almost become the overlord of outdoor displays. However, once it is night, an overly bright screen will become an invisible pollution. In order to comply with national environmental protection standards, while reducing brightness It may cause extreme loss of grayscale, and a good picture display effect cannot be guaranteed. [touch display production] In addition to the above two points, the rising cost factors also need to be paid attention to. Higher brightness will inevitably lead to an increase in the overall cost of the project, and whether users really need such a high brightness is also questionable, and it may cause performance waste. Therefore, simply pursuing high brightness is extremely harmful. When we buy led electronic displays, we should not trust the seller's propaganda. We must consider cost-effectiveness and display application requirements according to our own needs, and do not blindly pursue high brightness.
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