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The prospect of small-pitch LED display in the field of security monitoring

by:Toponetech     2021-05-04
In recent years, as the LED industry chain manufacturers have increased their Ru0026D efforts, they have continued to innovate in small-pitch LED display products and technologies, and have introduced applicable ICs, chips, packaging, cabinets, controllers, power supplies, etc. The small-pitch and micro-pitch specialized products in the field of security display have laid a certain product foundation for the vigorous development of small-pitch LED displays in the field of security display. I believe that if small-pitch LED displays can have high-definition and intelligence in the future With greater breakthroughs, product competitive advantages will be further reflected, but these are far from enough. In recent years, with the further implementation of policies such as safe cities and intelligent transportation construction closely related to the security industry, as well as the enhancement of public security awareness, especially in the field of surveillance, with the collection, encoding, transmission and other front-end products and technologies of surveillance cameras With the continuous upgrading of LED displays, the hardware requirements for back-end equipment, especially LED large-screen displays, are getting higher and higher, which makes the large-screen display industry's application in the security field maintain a good growth momentum, especially for small-pitch LED displays. With its superior innate product advantages and acquired technological progress, it has quickly become a dazzling new star in the security display field in the past two years, and has shown strong sustainable development, and its prospects are very promising. In addition to the products, the security monitoring market needs to improve the overall application level. As the high-end market of LED large-screen displays, the security monitoring market not only provides excellent products, but also has strict requirements in the overall application. Therefore, LED displays Screen companies must have display solutions that can provide customized control rooms, command centers, dispatch centers and other different application scenarios for different types of customers, and be able to present to users with a complete set of systems and complete and appropriate solutions, and at the same time it can be better Only by providing follow-up services to customers can we gain a firm foothold and develop in the security display market. With the advancement of technology and the maturity of applications, small-pitch LED displays have begun to shine in the field of indoor large-screen monitoring and display applications. In the security monitoring market, there are many excellent small-pitch touch display products in the industry. Cases and related solutions.   As we all know, due to the particularity of the use environment and application occasions, the security field has put forward almost harsh requirements on large-screen surveillance products and technologies. For example, high-resolution refined display, high-gray restoration display under low brightness, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity, low noise, low heat dissipation, etc., and even the comfort of continuous viewing for a long time Very high requirements. In particular, the requirements for definition are getting higher and higher. This is also an important reason why LED display products in the field of indoor monitoring must not pass LCD and other products. However, the development of small spacing not only perfectly solves the problem of clarity, but also LED The advantages of seamless splicing and strong consistency of display products are more popular in the security surveillance market.   In addition, intelligence is also one of the biggest product demands in the current security display market. As many products in the security industry continue to become intelligent, as the large screen of the display terminal, intelligence is also an inevitable trend. Especially with the advancement of face recognition, big data analysis and other technologies, small-pitch LED displays want to make a big splash in the security industry, and product intelligence must keep up with the development of front-end products. Previous article: Very display, different APEXLS, unlimited innovation Next article: The impact of recent RMB appreciation on the export of LED displays
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