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The production and application of capacitive touch on the touch screen industry

by:Toponetech     2020-06-09
Touch screen technology is a new type of interactive input mode, compared with the traditional way of keyboard and mouse input, more intuitive touch-screen inputs. Cooperate with recognition software, touch screen can also realize handwritten input. The touch screen industry as a whole under the big pattern of strong, capacitive touch screen will be the main market share, growth will be more than 30%. Under five inch capacitive touch screen will be the future large application of the touch screen market, 5 - 10 inch touch screen for the penetration of tablets, e-readers, will be for the development of touch screen market triggered a new wave of momentum. According to the technology life cycle impact on industry index, we determine the touch screen industry in the next five years there will be greater room for growth, investment value. The touch screen, TOUCH screen) Mainstream is divided into two kinds of screen, one kind is 'capacitance screen', is a kind of 'resistance' screen throughout the development and application of touch screen, capacitive touch screen to replace the trend of the resistive touch screens, compare the difference between the capacitance screen and resistive screen, analysis of production process and the applications of the capacitance screen, summarizes the capacitance screen technology advancement. Before access to the tablet is more resistive touch screens, but must press operating resistive touch screens, and generally for the single point touch, just touch and capacitive touch screen operation, also can realize multi-touch. And with the popularity of tablets, the pursuit of more and more is also high on the function, the traditional resistive touch already can't satisfy the demand of the tablets, especially in terms of playing games, demand is higher and higher, therefore tablets will need to use the multi-point touch screen to make its functions more perfect.
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