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The performance of the industrial tablet and what are the requirements for using the environment?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-06
The performance of the industrial tablet and what are the requirements for using the environment? A, industrial tablet performance: 1, good ability to scale industrial tablet design of I/O bus is designed in front, has a strong extension function, very easy to lose and output function of the template system extension. 2, system compatibility good tablet supports Windows/android/Linux system, has a strong openness and compatibility, can be directly run all kinds of application software, software development and software development environment ecosystem is perfect. 3, high reliability in view of the special working environment, most industrial tablet is to continue uninterrupted work, failure to stop the opportunity caused much production work cannot be carried out, and even lead to accidents. Therefore, high reliability requirements for industrial tablets, in order to ensure trouble-free run stably for a long time, but also convenient to maintain, to work effectively, improve production efficiency. 4, adaptability strong plants and outdoor environment, more is the negative environment, such as dust, vapor, sometimes serious electromagnetic interference, so industry tablets requires a lot of special design, such as wide temperature environment, waterproof dust explosion shock radiation protection, electromagnetic interference resistance, and so on. Industrial tablets using the environment: 1, using industrial tablets, please pay attention to the power supply voltage should be between 200 ~ 240 v AC. Please try to avoid damp, extreme temperature, vibration and dustfall amount of environment. 2, using industrial tablets, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature should be between 0 to 55 degrees. Please note that the surrounding relative humidity should be between 5 ~ 95%, no condensation. 3, using industrial tablets, please try to over a strong electromagnetic interference device to keep more than one meter distance, industrial tablets after shutdown, boot up again, please interval more than 8 seconds. 4, industrial tablet on the left side of the mouth and the power the heat dissipation at the back of the mouth is used for ventilation. To industrial tablet can normal work reliable and to prevent overheating, do not block or cover the opening, in order to ensure that industrial tablets and reliable running, we recommend that you don't change the motherboard BIOS Settings.
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