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The PC can be instead of the cash register

by:Toponetech     2020-11-04

PC can replace cash register? This problem should have many customers have thought, crown teck cash register manufacturers today we will tell you the PC can truly replace the cash register. 

 ( A) To adapt to the environment in the interior of the PC are generally adopts comparative end hardware quality, adapt to the environment are usually clean, temperature and humidity is moderate. For example, like market environment, it is much more complicated. Dust from the mall, along with the weather changes in temperature and humidity, voltage instability, vibration, electrostatic, and so on factors, often lead to the PC freezes, the phenomenon such as automatic restart. The cash register is the industrial computer hardware is used, it is able to adapt to the normal operation of a harsh environment. 

 ( 2) Covers an area of space + PC is a computer CPU, and is the integration of the cash register, from beautiful, cover an area of space point of view, the PC is slow and not beautiful, if it is in the coffee shop, restaurant this leisure place, the PC to the customer's visual effect is not a cash register good. 

 ( 3) After-sales inconvenience if it is according to the host computer + display + money + receipts paper this kind of solution, its product quality mainly depends on the quality of the various parts. This makes it hard for the overall quality of the product guarantee. At the same time, the maintenance and make it hard for customers to find a contact 'dot', often have to deal with different manufacturers.

 ( 4) Price no advantage era of electronic science and technology nowadays, the cash register is no longer as expensive as a few years ago, now the price of the cash register is transparent, the configuration of what a price. If buy PC + + monitor cash register accessories, such as each parts with different vendors to buy is not favorable, if is in the cash register to buy, can calculate a package price! !                                

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