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The new normal of the development of the led electronic display industry: characteristics and innovation!

by:Toponetech     2021-05-26
Abstract: For the entire LED display industry, 2015 is an extremely extraordinary year. Overcapacity, declining profits, industry reshuffle, brand lack, etc. have all seriously affected the confidence of LED display companies, but on the other hand, integration Actions such as mergers and acquisitions, technological innovation, expansion against the trend, and diversified layout continue to set off a new upsurge in industry innovation and development. For the entire LED display industry, 2015 was an extremely extraordinary year. Overcapacity, declining profits, industry reshuffle, brand lack, etc. all seriously affected the confidence of LED display companies. However, on the other hand, integrated mergers and acquisitions, Technological innovation, counter-trend expansion, diversified layout and other actions continue to set off a new upsurge of industry innovation and development. Today, the LED electronic display industry has matured day by day after more than 20 years of development. In the new normal stage of China's economic development, the overall growth rate of the touch display industry has also slowed down, and it has become the new normal for the industry to increase production without increasing revenue and increasing revenue without increasing profits. From the initial era of huge profits to the era of meager profits, the reorganization and reshuffle of the LED display industry has intensified, and the industry structure is undergoing major changes. Transformation and reform have become hot topics among enterprises. In recent years, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, a single LED display business has been unable to meet the company's long-term and stable performance growth requirements, and it has become an inevitable choice to seek new profit growth points. In this context, some LED display companies have begun to actively explore operational differentiation, focusing on high-end leasing, cultural media, sports, finance and other fields. This exploration is particularly evident in listed companies. Due to their financial advantages, companies including Lianjian Optoelectronics, Leyman Optoelectronics, etc. have successively changed their development ideas, and realized the growth of LED display and LED outdoor advertising business through cooperation or extensional mergers and acquisitions, and explored LED displays Integrated media network management strategy of screen hardware + media advertising software. Due to its strong relevance, cultural media is the primary focus of listed companies on led electronic display screens. In the media field, Lianjian Optoelectronics and Leyard can be described as leaders. Lianjian Optoelectronics is the first company to enter the media field among touch display companies. From the establishment of Linkage Culture in 2012, it formally entered the outdoor advertising media field, to the acquisition of Timeshare Media in 2013, and its in-depth media field layout. In 2014, it acquired Youtuo Public Relations. , To achieve a leap across the industry chain, and to further improve the layout of outdoor media; Lianjian Optoelectronics has also publicly stated that the position of the leader in outdoor media is bound to be won. Leyard also occupied its own place in the cultural media field through mergers and acquisitions. In early 2015, Leyard acquired Guangzhou Lifeng Culture Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinlixiang Yicai Technology Co., Ltd. by issuing shares and paying cash. 100% of each share, layout in the field of cultural media. In addition, the sports field is also a battleground for LED display companies. Lehman, Alto, and Unilumin all covet the LED sports screen market. In 2015, Lehman officially changed its name to Lehman, laying the foundation for its LED+sports dual-main business strategy. Listed companies use resource integration and mergers and acquisitions to enrich their wings and enter a brand new field. This is the most direct and effective way. According to industry insiders, whether it is a diversified development model or a focus strategy for cultivating market segments, it can bring large room for development to LED display companies. At present, the entire LED display industry will undergo a major adjustment, and the adjustment period may be 3-5 years. In this round of adjustments, companies that can only fight price wars will be spurned by the market, companies with characteristics or scale advantages will become the darlings of the market, and the overall market order will also tend to be standardized.
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