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The navigation screen touch principle, on-board display how touch induction

by:Toponetech     2020-06-28
Resistance system is covered by a metal conductive layer and the resistance of ordinary glass. Separated by a spacer between the two layers, and the whole device with a stroke prevention layer. When the display work from the two layers of current will flow through. There are users touch the screen, the layer is on the touch points of contact. The change of the electric field were recorded, and calculate the coordinates of the point by computer. Coordinates is determined, dedicated driver will touch the action is interpreted as the operating system can understand the events, like a computer mouse driver an action interpretation of the mouse to click or drag. Resistive touch screen and control system has the advantage of its screen is cheaper, response sensitivity is good, and whether 4-wire resistive touch screen or five line resistance touch screen, they are a completely isolated to the outside environment, does not fear the dust and water vapor, can adapt to the harsh environment. It can use any object to touch, stable performance is good. Defect is resistive touchscreen outer membrane is easy to cause scratches touch screen is not available, multilayer structure will lead to great loss of light, for handheld devices usually need to increase the back light to compensate for bad light penetration problem, but this will increase the consumption of the battery. The advantages of the resistive touch screens can be classified as: 1, the accuracy of the resistive touch screen is high, but to the pixel level, applicable resolutions of up to 4096 x4096. 2, the screen is not affected by dust, moisture and oil, can be in low or high temperature environment. 3. , resistive touch panel using the pressure sensor, can use any object to touch, even with gloves, you can operate, and can be used for handwriting recognition. 4. , resistive touch screen because of the mature technology and low threshold, the cost is relatively cheap. Resistive touchscreen faults can be classified as: 1, resistive touch screen can be designed as multitouch, but when two compression at the same time, the pressure of the screen become unbalanced, lead to error, touch and multi-touch realization degree is more difficult. 2. , resistive touch screen is easily lead to a touch screen for scratches and other damaged parts.
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