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The most complete in the history of LED display noun explanation

by:Toponetech     2021-03-02
If you don't know, such chat, feel the pressure very big? How to do? All said terms this thing, a lot of people treat it as a requirement of LED display pretending to be very good. Today, small make up the most complete in the history of small make up to share with you LED display noun explanation, let you from 2017 LED display screen small white instant change to understand the emperor! ( Warm reminder, abbreviations used more and more nowadays, all kinds of ambiguity is also more and more, be sure to keep in mind that, stop that now the joke. ) 1, what is the LED? LED is a light emitting diode (abbreviations 发光二极管) , especially of LED display industry can emit visible spectrum of LED. 2, what is a pixel? The smallest unit of light-emitting LED display, with ordinary computer display pixels in the same meaning. 3, what is a pixel ( Point spacing) ? The center of the distance between two adjacent pixels, the smaller the distance, the shorter the visual range. The personage inside course of study is usually referred to as 'P point spacing. 4, what is the pixel density? Also called dot density, usually refers to the number of pixels per square meters on the display. 5, what is the LED display module? Composed of several display pixels, structure of independence, the smallest unit of LED display that can be made. A typical have 8 * 8, 8 * 7, etc. 6, what is the abbreviation of USB interface of USB is a UNIVERSAL SERIALBUS, translated into Chinese is: UNIVERSAL serial bus (USB). 0 two interface standards.
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