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The most anticipated highlight display is coming soon! Has now entered the final testing stage

The most anticipated highlight display is coming soon! Has now entered the final testing stage


After the touch LED display is installed and operated, it is doesnt mean that you can sit back and relax. The later maintenance can make the touch display play its own value and better serve the public. Everyone is worried that the continuous operation of the monitor will cause high temperature, which will reduce its service life, especially outdoor touch monitors, not only have to suffer the scorching sunlight but also the baptism of wind and rain. Temperature will change with changes in weather, and high temperature is one of the most important "killers" of touch displays. Therefore, it is very important to choose a touch screen that can withstand these high temperature tests.

Top One Tech touch display is resistant to high temperature, stable performance, and not affected by the surrounding bad weather. As shown in the figure, this new product is a 15-inch 1000nits highlight touch monitor, which is undergoing extreme direct sunlight testing. At present, we use strong lights to simulate direct sunlight, to make the equipment work continuously for 2 hours when it reaches 80-85 degrees Celsius. The test is currently going very smoothly. The extreme operating temperature range of this monitor is -30~80. The display can work normally in this range. After confirming that the monitor passes the test, it can be launched. There are two fans inside the monitor, which can dissipate heat quickly, which also proves that the touch monitor can run for a long time under high temperature.

Top One Tech touch display

Top One Tech touch display

It will be applied to more industrial equipment, retail terminal equipment, outdoor advertising equipment, and its metal chassis provides a strong and stable platform, which can build suitable solutions for various applications.


We know that the larger the display area, the greater the amount of electricity used, and the more  heat it produces. In addition, the summer sunlight is fierce, and the high  temperature makes it difficult to dissipate heat. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, we adjusted its exterior design and internal structure at the beginning of the design of the touch screen, using a hollow design, high-density and high-precision design of the circuit board. The interior adopts a micro-distance air-permeable design, which does not produce rain and does not cause the danger of short circuit of wires. Coupled with two large fans, the inside and outside are combined to achieve efficient heat dissipation.

Touch display

In addition to the high temperature test, we will also package and ship the touch display after aging and appearance inspection to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer safe and sound.

testing temperature

In pursuit of excellent quality, Top One Tech has been on the way.

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