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The more touch points the better? What does ten-point touch, multi-touch, and single-touch mean?

The more touch points the better? What does ten-point touch, multi-touch, and single-touch mean?


In life, we often hear and see that some devices have multi-touch functions, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, all-in-one machines, ATMs, vending machines, etc. When manufacturers are promoting, multi-touch is often used as a selling point. So, what do these touches mean and what do they represent? Is the more touches the better?

ten-fingers touch monitor

1. What is a touch screen

First of all, it is an input device, similar to our mouse, keyboard, descriptor, drawing tablet, etc., except that it is an inductive LCD screen with input signals, which can convert the functions we want into instructions Send it to the processor, and return the result we want when the calculation is complete. Before this screen, our human-computer interaction method was limited to mouse, keyboard, etc. Now, not only touch screen, but also voice control has become a new interaction method for people to communicate with computers.

2. Single touch

As the name implies, a single-touch is a single-point touch, that is, only one finger's click or touch can be recognized at a time. Single-touch devices are widely used, such as ATM machines, digital cameras, and multi-function machines in hospitals, all of which are single-touch devices.

The emergence of single-point touch screens has truly changed the way people interact with computers. It can no longer be limited to buttons, and can even solve all input problems with just one screen. Its advantage is that only one finger touch input is supported, and two or more touch inputs are not supported, which prevents many false touches.

Fingers touch

3. Multi-touch

Multi-touch sounds more advanced than single-touch, literally, you can understand what multi-touch represents. Different from single-touch, multi-touch means that multiple fingers can operate on the screen at the same time. At present, most mobile phone touch screens support multi-touch, for example, you can draw on the screen with more than two fingers at the same time, and the screen can receive signals.

When drawing, the harder your fingers are, the stronger the strokes (colors) of the drawing. Typical applications, such as two-finger zoom, three-finger rotation zoom, etc.

4. Ten finger touch

The so-called ten-finger touch is that the system can respond to the actions of 10 fingers at the same time. The ten-finger touch technology is to form a touch screen (screen, desktop, wall, etc.) or touchpad that can accept input information from ten points on the screen at the same time. Since all touch units are arranged in a matrix, no matter which part the finger touches, the system can respond to the corresponding finger action.

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