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The main classification of touch screen and its working principle

by:Toponetech     2021-10-21
Although we often see or come into contact with touch screens, we are not people in the industry and really don't know how it can be operated by touching it with a finger. Let's learn about it with the editor of Rongguan today. How many types of touch screens are there? Taken together, it is mainly divided into 5 types. To distinguish touch screens from technical principles, they can be divided into five basic categories: vector pressure sensing technology touch screens, resistive technology touch screens, capacitive technology touch screens, infrared technology touch screens, and surface acoustic wave technology touch screens. Among them, the vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has withdrawn from the stage of history. The touch screen infrared screen is cheap, but its outer frame is fragile, easy to produce light interference, and distortion under the curved surface; the capacitive screen design theory is good; the resistive screen is accurate in positioning, but its price is quite high, and it is easy to be scratched. The surface acoustic wave touch screen solves the various defects of the previous touch screen, is clear and anti-violent, and is suitable for various occasions. The shortcoming is that the water droplets and dust on the surface of the screen will make the touch screen dull or even not working. According to the working principle of the touch screen and the medium of information transmission, we divide the touch screen into four types, which are resistive type, infrared type, capacitive sensing type and surface acoustic wave type. How does the touch screen work? In order to facilitate the operation, people use a touch screen instead of a mouse or keyboard. When working, we must first touch the touch screen installed on the front of the display with a finger or other object, and then the system locates and selects information input according to the position of the icon or menu touched by the finger. The touch screen is composed of a touch detection component and a touch screen controller; the touch detection component is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user's touch position, and then send it to the touch screen controller; and the main function of the touch screen controller is to receive touches from the touch point detection device Information, and convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU, it can also receive the command sent by the CPU and execute it.
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