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The LED industry monitor

by:Toponetech     2020-03-26
The LED industry monitor. One, LED large screen classification: 1, large indoor full color LED screen with indoor table posted three indoor full color LED display screen and a technology with the following features, has been widely spent applied in large sports venues, train station, TV live, exhibition venues, large literary evening to the scene, concert, etc. 2, outdoor full-color LED large screen large high outdoor full-color LED display screen for multimedia video picture clear analyse, uniform color, three-dimensional sense of strong, can be arbitrary text, images, radio, television, video, VCD and various kinds of 3 d animation. And can synchronously and computer VGA display output shows that applies to connected to all kinds of Internet information real-time broadcast media. Second, the LED display screen screen industry characteristics: 1, screen structure, 1) Big Angle of view, 2) Good flatness, 3) High strength, 4) Easy to long distance transportation, according to general technical characteristics (2 1) Network function ( 2) Frame synchronization technology ( 3) The nonlinear correction technology ( 4) Gamma correction technology ( 5) Brightness control technology ( 6) Static constant current driver ( 7) A level 256 gray scale control technology 3, industrial screen proprietary technology characteristics ( 1) Pixel Shared technology ( 2) Digital video image transmission ( 3) The secondary Gamma correction technology ( 4) Stepless ( Continuous) Brightness control ( 5) High-definition video technology application, 6) Nonlinear gray level 8192 control technology, industrial monitors the process characteristics of 4 1, material control process ( 1) LED the discrete control technology ( 2) Arrangement/mixed color technology, module control technology (2 1) LED array techniques ( 2) Standardized module structure ( 3) The application of positioning the mask ( 4) Big module structure on the influence of the temperature regulation 3, enclosure structure design process, 1) After the maintenance structure ( 2) The application of positioning column ( 3) Hermetical structure ( 4) Aviation plug 4 of the application of extension technology advantages, industrial display screen system, network interface, powerful functions: 1 has a wide range of network interface function; 2, strong software compatibility: edit, make easy, shows rich content, layout and optional, resourceful; 3, a variety of video signal input interface: standard signal, analog RGB, high-definition television signals, digital video, cable TV. More industrial tablet products, welcome to contact customer service for more information.
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