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The led electronic display can be used as the release carrier of the traffic guidance system

by:Toponetech     2021-04-12
The touch display can also be used as a release carrier for traffic guidance systems. Common traffic guidance touch display methods include traffic guidance led electronic display (variable information board), traffic guidance path display signs, stop signs, variable identification signs, etc. Among them, the market capacity of display products such as highway variable information boards and variable speed limit signs is more than hundreds of millions of yuan each year. In addition to outdoor applications, LED electronic displays can also become excellent display methods for indoor applications such as airport flight dynamic information display systems and railway passenger guidance information display systems.  The large number of applications of led electronic displays in the transportation field are inseparable from their own characteristics. First of all, the size of the LED screen is arbitrary. Unlike our ordinary family TVs, only those sizes can be selected. The led electronic display can be made infinitely large, and at the same time it can be made only a few hundred square centimeters. This transformable size can adapt to the space and site requirements of a variety of different applications.   In addition, the LED electronic display screen can be widely adapted to the needs of indoor and outdoor applications. The transportation industry is a typical industry with a large number of display screen applications indoors and outdoors. LED electronic display screens can adapt to different indoor and outdoor display environments according to different packages. Among them, outdoor screens have unique advantages in terms of resistance to wind, sand, rainforest, and ultra-low reflection, high brightness, and large viewing angles. Become the main force of the traffic outdoor display. In terms of internal display, LED electronic display also has the characteristics of high brightness, large viewing angle, and ultra-thin body, which is deeply loved by airport and station users.  Life and maintainability are also one of the biggest advantages of LED electronic displays. A broken point will not affect the overall work. Repairs only need to replace the corresponding points or modules, and the entire screen is almost unaffected. It has a high life span and adaptability to dust, and can work independently without long-term high-load maintenance. At the same time, it has a significant application advantage of energy saving, which is suitable for the policy trend of promoting energy saving and environmental protection in public facilities.   The multiple application methods of LED electronic display screens and its own technical characteristics determine that it has a very good market prospect in the context of the country's vigorous development of transportation infrastructure construction.
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