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The LED display industry in the future market demand will continue to maintain rapid growth

by:Toponetech     2021-01-18
1. LED curtain wall glass curtain wall panel LED media based on the LED material technology, multimedia technology and external image of art and design creative perspective, combined with design elements, such as sound and video constitute a new form of public art. In recent years, with the improvement of the world economy, the development of the city, the advertising industry competition, the media in the modern city wall art form more and more get citizen reception. Along with the computer software of digital multimedia technology and design technology, the media facade technology innovation and artistic forms of creativity, the combination of the appearance of the building almost every day for building the miracle of science and art. Generally speaking, the image quality depends on the computer technology and operating parameters and function of screen control system, relying on modern computer control system of the construction epidermis complex screen and screen lighting components, operating curtain wall surface forms of interactive media, advertising, lighting, audio and video, building environment, television or video program, this kind of large project usually by architects, engineers, mathematicians, programmers, and artists to design. 2. 3 dled display screen as application more and more widely, people also more and more high to its request, now people can not meet the two-dimensional graphic display, more hope to be able to really restore the three-dimensional information of the real world, so the 3 d display technology in the application of solution is becoming a hot spot of research in recent years and the direction. In this year's guangzhou international exhibition on the LED we have also seen a lot of manufacturers without residual force for technological innovation in the three dled display accordingly, in 3 dled screens on the development of the situation. In order to make up for some of the technical limitations of glasses-free 3 d technology, some manufacturers gradually in the process of continuous research and development to adopt active 3 d technology. 3 d technology can also call for active shutter 3 d technology, is done by greatly enhance screen refresh rate, according to the image frame is divided into two groups, the formation of corresponding to the left and right images, staggered generating, again through the shutter glasses lens synchronization of on/off operation to see 3 d images. 3. Small spacing LED TV with the emergence of , small spacing for indoor application market, but a closer look at the small size of the product arises at the historic moment, small spacing LED TV with adjustable brightness, high efficiency and energy saving, long using time, low maintenance cost, high refresh rate, wide screen flicker-free, perspective, silent ultrathin, super light, no burns, support 3 d display, window shows more advantages of arbitrary scaling, favored by many manufacturers. Now small spacing LED TV has enter indoor conditions. Through the removable design, will be a big screen TV broken up several 56 inches units respectively, introduction to solve difficult problems. The second is the price of the diving, and compared with large size LCD TV, small spacing LED at least more than 40% cheaper. The future is expected from the commercial market into the high-end residential market. 4. Wind and solar energy scenery complementary or solar power supply system is a new type of green high-tech products, to absorb the natural wind and solar energy power supply for equipment, without mains ration, installation area without limit, without laying power supply cable, site construction, installation and maintenance is very convenient, good comprehensive benefits. Wind energy, light energy as a clean energy in the environmental protection, no pollution, reasonable cost, easy installation and maintenance, and will gradually replace the traditional way of power supply. Commonly used expressway, national highway, city road, highway main trunk road network density area, urban roads, streets, airports, docks, stations, traffic location. Solar and scenery complementary because of small power consumption, can choose the cable wire diameter smaller, the required power supply part of the total cost of the initial investment is lower than the original cost, reduces the cost of investment. Solar power power supply part of the total cost of the initial investment required 30% lower than the original cost of the cable laying, greatly reduces the cost of investment. Conclusion: in the future, along with our country economic development, increasing need of external display promotion, will put forward more requirements on the industry, higher resolution, more vivid colors. industry is bound to win further, China's electronic display industry will also be constantly moving towards the world.
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