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The LED display industry has entered a stage of product upgrading and market diversification

by:Toponetech     2021-06-22
With the development of the touch display industry entering a period of transformation and upgrading, the market trend is also unpredictable. The traditional market and many emerging segments take turns to take turns. While the technology and product innovation of upstream manufacturers promote the growth of the terminal market, the demand for products in the terminal market is hotspot It is also affecting upstream manufacturers' Ru0026D and production activities. Under the guidance of small pitch, COB, mini-LED, MicroLED, etc., from indoor to outdoor, from commercial to civilian use, LED display manufacturers have the opportunity to take advantage. The touch display industry has entered a stage of product upgrading and market diversification. According to relevant data, the global LED display market demand will maintain steady growth and is expected to reach US$917.347 million in 2021. The progress of LED display technology and the reshuffle and integration of the industry in recent years have brought the industry into a stage of product upgrading and market diversification. In this process, for many LED display manufacturers, choice has become the most important thing. Entrepreneurs must look outwards and accurately see the changes and trends in the new era environment and new markets; they must also look inward and re-examine. The company's own advantages and core competitiveness. Here we can talk about some of the problems facing the development of the LED display industry from the five barriers that must be overcome in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.  1. Market barriers: As market competition becomes more fierce, especially small and medium-sized enterprises will encounter more problems in their development, such as difficulty in product development and innovation, difficulty in financing, and difficulty in market opening. How to exchange market vitality? One of the most important points is to break down market barriers. Let enterprises as the main players in the market develop healthy competition in the same open and fair market environment, learn from each other's strengths, and promote each other, and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry will have the cornerstone and guarantee.  2. Inertial thinking: The bigger and more successful the enterprise, the greater the inertia. Today's world is a world of cross-industry competition. It is not a certain screen company that defeats traditional display products, but the entire industry is subverted by smart displays. This warns us to get rid of inertial thinking, re-examine our strengths and core competitiveness with a cross-border vision, so as to find a new direction for growth.  3. The small rich is safe: Many companies feel that the transformation and upgrading cost is high, the burden is heavy, and the risk is high, and they are often afraid of transformation. Many companies would rather see the meager profits in front of them than take risks. The enterprise itself must overcome the inertia of the ship's failure to turn around and the confusion of death due to transformation and death without transformation.  Fourth, innovation ability:. For many manufacturing industries in my country, the development of high-end products is a difficult path of innovation, as is the LED display industry. It must be understood that intellectual property rights accumulated by innovation are an important weapon for enterprises to participate in competition. The protection of intellectual property rights in the LED display industry is far from enough, which affects the enthusiasm of enterprises to innovate. Patent infringement payout rate is low, and protection is small, which has also caused great restrictions on the development of LED display companies in foreign markets. At the same time, insufficient investment in enterprise innovation and lack of talents also restrict the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises.  V. Level of integration: The integration of manufacturing and service industries, as well as the integration of manufacturing and informatization, has become a major trend in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. LED screen companies may only sell products before, but now they may sell solutions, technologies, and services. For some other traditional industries, it is possible to connect the upstream and downstream of the supply chain at a lower cost to form a real-time collaborative supply chain that connects the end customers of the market, various departments in the manufacturing industry, and upstream and downstream parties. Greatly enhance the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing. For the LED display manufacturing industry, the service industry and informatization are areas that require deep learning, and it is also destined to be difficult for integration. Of course, these five hurdles are just a few major aspects of the development of the indoor LED display industry. There are still many details that need to be paid attention to by outdoor LED display manufacturers. With the further opening of the market, and the innovation of industrial technology and products, the screen Enterprises will also have more development opportunities.
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